My Secrets To Success That I Rarely Share With Anyone.

My Secrets To Success That I Rarely Share With Anyone.

If you watch my videos or know me personally you know that I have been very successful several times in life when one defines success from a monetary perspective. The 3 Secrets That I’m About To Reveal To You In This Post Will Help You Achieve Success No Matter What The Definition of Success Is. Yes. You Read That Right My Secret Formula For Success Is So Easy To Understand And Apply To Every Aspect Of Life.

I could share these 3 secrets right here right now but then a bunch of lazy people would learn them and I don’t know if these secrets would work for someone that is very lazy. Reading through this article to discover what each secret is and how you or anyone can apply them to their lives to become successful requires a little work. If you are willing to read this article then you deserve to learn the secrets. If you deserve to have this knowledge then you also deserve to implement these 3 secrets right now.

While I’m writing this article or an article on there is one thing that you will never see me do. Can you guess what this one thing is? I’ll get to it in just a minute. Let me tell you what the first secret is first. Are You Ready? I really hope you have read this far and have your notebook handy…My first secret to success is to define what it is that I want to accomplish…Some books or people will call this goal setting. I try not to focus on all the details and I waste very little time pondering or pontificating about the mission I want to accomplish. Rarely ever will you see me when writing or doing any other work get distracted from the task at hand. I determine exactly what I am going to do and then I do It.

All too often people will easily get distracted and start doing something else. It is human nature to do this. Multi tasking in comparison to someone who is laser focused and on a mission it is a no brainer on who actually wins. Not the spin you have been taught about how you should be able to do multiple things at one time. Sure this is true but you will get more done doing the one thing you have set your mind on and are super focused on without a lot of distractions. Most people have real trouble with this…If you are one of them make a list. Let me give you an example.

What am I going to do in the next 30 minutes of my life? What Do I Really Want To Get Accomplished? I need to write an excellent article that will actually help people succeed. Not general knowledge facts but actual meat facts and then how to implement what they have learned. That is what would be prudent.

Let me check my phone it just dinged…..STOP…This will not accomplish your mission.¬†Somethings you have to retrain your brain and even your muscle memory to stop. Your email or a text from a friend is not going to get your mission done. Neither is facebook or watching television or playing video games. Whatever you weakness and distraction block it out. Sometimes this is actually people. Family or friends etc. Don’t be rude with people but find a nice way to stay focused.

Define what the problem is and solve it. Find out what your goal is and accomplish it. Focus. This is the second secret. These 3 secrets to success go hand in hand. Determining exactly what you will be getting done and then staying focused on it is crucial. If you are an absolute failure at this then start with small mundane tasks and fix yourself fast. Maybe every time you take out the trash you stop to do something else and then finally get the trash deposited into the receptacle or can.

Next time before you ever pull the bag out of the can….Decide that you are going to do things differently. If need be speak out loud and tell yourself exactly what you are going to accomplish. Say, I Will Take Out The Trash and Directly Place It Where It belongs And Return Post Haste With No Distractions. Eventually if you do that enough you will accomplish that. Now start doing it for other things and watch the magic happen.

This is a form of self discipline and over time you can teach yourself to have some self control. This is needed to even decided to do something and is really critical in the focus part. To this point I have shared with you 2 of the 3 Secrets to success. You know now that you have to define exactly what you are going to accomplish. Write it down if needed. Some people tell you to write a plan and then work the plan. This is good if you are super normal. If you have any issues with doing these things sometimes it is smart to just start taking action which will shock the crap out of your system and start rewriting the way you do things in every aspect of life.

You Know What You Are Going To Accomplish And You Are Laser Focused On Getting It Done. Not Allowing For Distractions to prevent you from tackling the problem at hand or the thing you desire to get done. You have a goal, maybe even a plan to achieve that goal. You possible have written the steps you are going to take to accomplish it. Or built a check list to help you stay focused on a multi part mission. With everything you have in your being you decided to let nothing stand in your way. You Are Focused And Maybe Working A Plan. You Might Be Rewriting your plan as you move through your journey to success.

Determination is critical as you work the three steps. Determination is the third secret to success. Some people call it drive or discipline. To me it is that little extra oomph that takes you beyond tired or stressed or aggravated. People that played sports might know about this. You are running a mile but your legs and chest hurt at about a half a mile. If you stop and quit you will never run that mile. You have to be determined and dig a little deeper. Hard work is often required of you to be successful. Sure a little luck helps out and having great people skills makes life easier but work and determination will help you feel something extra special when you win.

You decided exactly what it is that you are going to do. You plan it out or go through the forest and draw your own map to get where you are going. When you are laser focused on accomplishing what you desire good things will happen. When you have to work and dig a little deeper to make it happenWOW! it is so rewarding. It isn’t always an easy road.

My Greatest Amount Of Success Financially Came From These 3 Secrets.

  • Define What Needs or Wants To Be Done.
  • Define What It Will Take To Do It. Make A CheckList. Or My Favorite….Start doing something and write the road map as you go. This Method Is Not For Everyone.
  • Determination/Discipline To Get It Done. Dig A Little Deeper. Find Your Inner Strength.

These 3 Secrets Can Be Applied To Almost Everything In Life With The Same Great Results Of Accomplishment. These critical building blocks of success are far too often not taught to the poor. Though I grew up with barely a morsel to eat a wealthy man took me under his wing for a time and shared these secrets with me. If you struggle to do great things in life in the past you must  know that it takes time to retrain your brain. It could take years to break old habits and create new ways of living. I know for me it was a challenge at first. Taking small steps and building on your past achievements can do wonders for future confidence in yourself that you can,and will do what you have decided to do.

Obviously there are more things that can be added to this list but this is the great foundation. Once you get to a point in life where you look around and have the important things that really matter you can do like I did and give the money all away and start over to keep yourself humble. You can’t take it with you and it is so much fun to try to achieve financial success over and over again. My advice would be to use these secrets for everything but financial success. Use these 3 secrets to get a better job, finish college, find your soul mate, make amends with friends. Rebuild your spiritual life or your health. You could use these three secrets to build a barn or learn to sew.

If you use these three secrets just for financial gain you will achieve it but you will probably be miserable in many other areas of life. Best of luck to all who read this and apply these 3 secrets to your life right now.


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