There are many reason to write articles on Added exposure to your writing style. Drive more traffic to your posts by creating backlinks to your articles there. is a blogging marketers dream place. The content is high quality and the amount of users is low. The amount of indexed pages is high because we are cranking out high quality content daily. The search engines love us right now. Everyone knows quality backlinks helps get posts index and this can be a source for that.

When you sign your name to your post and visitors can see your profile or you have very smartly included your link in the bottom of the page you will drive more traffic to your Steemit posts. For now they are doing an excellent job at creating wealth for many writers. All great writers write on multiple platforms and cross market. Writing here is smart!

Check out that chicken article. It got my tastebuds watering. It was so good Several members of the community earned revenue for commenting on it. The author got a bonus for writing the article plus gets 50% of the access fees and a small percentage of the comment rewards. This article doesn’t die in 7 days. We believe that we can also Monetize the website with subtle high quality advertising also. What if we were able to take the ad revenues generated and use that amount to turn steemthat tokens into liquid and then possibly into Steem? Not a bad Idea. I’ll start working on this very soon. I would like to see users receiving the lions share of ad revenues. Let’s see if with our Traffic stats if I can make it happen.

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