Last Major Update Of 2017 For

Happy New Year Everyone! had a massive few months of growth in 2017. 

SteemThat Has Huge Plans For 2018. Much Like 2017 Development Will Be Massive. There is a lot still to be developed. We will launch an ICO to raise more funds and reward our supporters. We will integrate more with Steemit and also continue developing our own platform that is fair and consistent. Our last update of 2017 is no small task and shows the power of our build team.

The social media platform is the one thing that Steemit is really missing. has incorporated another awesome feature that will make your life so much easier. For all of those that have supported us and written helpful content that has helped us get more traffic and grow like lightening we unveil and launch Blog Posts Into Your Profile Areas!

Now when you write a article it will auto share it within the community. Members will quickly be able to connect with their friends and see what they are writing on  This is the coolest update in my opinion as it connects the social media platform with the blogging platform for the first time since we launch.

Steemit said it could not be done! We proved them wrong again and launched so many cool features that we are close to having a better system than them hands downs. Once we incorporate more Steem blockchain features into our development we will be unstoppable. T

2018 Will Be Epic Thanks to you!

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Eric Binkley I'm loving the cool looking comments!
4 months ago
Eric Binkley People can interact with a uniformed feel and add pictures or giphy to blog posts for added effects
4 months ago
Eric Binkley This is my favorite new feature! This is huge and should be talked about alot. We are becoming a complete system. Very nice!
4 months ago