Largest Metal 3D Printer


Titomic, an Australian company, claims to have the world’s largest metal 3D printer. The printer has a build area of 9 meters long X 3 meters wide X 1.5 meters high. They say even though this is the size of the booth, the build can be larger than the booth size.

The printer works like other 3D printer, it layers material over layer building the piece to specifications. Instead of using metal powder as a base their process shoots the titanium powder out at a supersonic speed, about 1 kilometer per second. Layering the piece using metal powder requires that the piece must be heated so the layer can fuse together.

By shooting the metal powder at high speeds the particles have high kinetic energy. When they strike the other layer, the particle comes to a stop and the kinetic energy changes into heat, the heat is hot enough to fuse the metal particles onto the previous layer. Using this method, the piece requires no heat to fuse the layers.


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3D printer seems very interesting to me. If I can find one in small size, I may buy it.

8 months ago

Nicely elaborated the process of how a 3D printer works.

8 months ago