I have a dream, small one

IHAVE sunshinethatmakesmyday.png 

Image designed by me using free photo on Canva.comDoes anyone here know what are these flowers below? It’s really popular in Vietnam, especially in summer time (a.k.a graduational season, because it’s time everyone finish their study or graduate from schools ). Not very sure sure how do people call it in English, but in Vietnamese we call “Phuong” flower. There is even a city which is named by this flowers, because it is planted all over that city. Summer time is usually hot, but the red color from those flowers make the summer even hotter.


Image SourceSurprisingly, since I moved to this city in the Middle East, I have seen it too, YES, I can’t even imagine. I’m surprised, I’m shocked when the first time I was riding in a metro and saw it in every meters in the city. It has been made me homesick everytime when summer comes. Red, and beautiful.

When I was somewhere in secondary school, I loved, I mean I was SO passionate about drawing. I draw anime’s characters, cartoons, pokemons, super heroes da da da almost everything. My brother and my dad they were good at drawing too, even their handwriting look amazing. And me, well, like father, like son. HAHA

So, I drew when I was in class, I drew for a girl that I liked, I drew when I was doing homework…I loved it so much. I even dreamt of becoming a architecture or industrial designer when I was in those silly years.

Eventually, one day a teacher called my parents and said I didn’t study well, my marks were terrible, I drew too much in class and I need to stop. They got so angry, shouting. I was scared and weak and not able to defend to what I love. And my dream was burnt into ashes from that day.

Few days back I saw @shortcut and his amazing post about sketching, click to that link and you will see my comment at the bottom. And he said that he exercises to sketch everyday? I got a weird feelings in my mind: sketching, drawing, art, dream…

Then I got to know a contest, that I can feel free to use anything to create a clipart about a basket of flowers. I don’t know, I didn’t think. I gave it a shot. There you go, my first exhibition online:

DQmWy5KmNTS7Hg5XFLzV5C3H1Ex8B27vXJbgRBB4WwK2ag3_1680x8400.pngYou know, what you don’t see behind this silly sketching, I’ve done it for the first time since ages. I felt accomplished, I feel something more, I want to do it again. I lit my dream a little bit, again after I don’t know how long it was.
But I guess art doesn’t relate to age. It was a good start, and probably, it’s a good time to start another tiny dream from the scratch again.

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