How To Delegate SteemPower To Anyone On Steemit In 3 Seconds.

For months I thought about How To Delegate Steem Power To Other Users On I wondered how could people donate steem power to our community curation specialist accounts. It sounds great to have a community with their own upvote bots that only vote their posts.(SteemThat Auto Share). How do they support those curation specialists so they can grow and so that when they vote for members in the community they can get great upvotes?

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How To Delegate Steem Power To Anyone On In 3 Seconds Using The Steem That App Tool.

How exactly does it work? This is the easiest simplest and the most useful tool has ever created. We started writing this code and will tweak the css and add some more cool features to it soon. For now it is still by far the easiest and best way to delegate Steem Power To Whoever You Want Whenever You Want!

Here Are The Exact Steps To Delegate Steem Power In 3 Seconds!

  • First Become A Member Of Or Sign In.
  • Second Visit The Delegation Tool Page.
  • Select The Amount Of Steem Power You Wish To Donate
  • Enter Your Steemit Account Name. (Leave Off The @ Sign. It is not needed)
  • Enter The Steemit Account Name You Wish To Delegate To
  • Click Delegate Now
  • If already logged into SteemConnect then just verify info is correct and delegate.
  • If you are not logged into SteemConnect login real fast and delegate.
  • Super Easy And Super Secure Way To Delegate Steem Power To Anyone Whenever You Want.

Some Screen Shots To Help You See What It Looks Like.

delegate steempowerpicform





The great thing about delegation of steempower is that you essential loan it out and can get it back at any time. You never lose it.

Please support these community curation specialist as they support our members when they use the Auto Share feature of  

  1. @binkgirl
  2. @binkley
  3. @steemish
  4. @steemthatyes
  5. @cbcheek
  6. @steemthat
  7. @trump3t

Go Delegate Right Now!


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