How To Buy Steem Step By Step Buy Steem Guide

Many new people new to steemit want to know where to buy steem and how to buy steem.

This how to buy steem guide will walk you through the process step by step.

How Can I Buy Steem?

  • This is by far the most asked question on steemit.
  • The answers for new folks are often intimidating.
  • Most people want to just buy it with a debit or credit card or paypal.
  • Serious Crypto Addicts and Tech Geeks Like The Exchanges and Transfers.
  • What Used To Be Impossible Is Now So Easy! Keep Reading And Find Out Exactly How I Buy Steem Now So Easy!

It is not impossible to buy steem

If you are new to crypto currencies and Steemit the worst thing you want to do is lose your money because you transferred your currency into the wrong wallet and it disappeared.

You also don’t want to have to go through the headaches of buying an alt currency like litecoin and then having to exchange it on a market for bitcoin in order to exchange bitcoin for Steem! Am I Right? Some have called this guide the How To Buy Steem For Idiots. Others have said that this is the only way they want to buy steem. They don’t want to buy steem on exchanges. They want to buy steem like a normal person with their credit card. This ultimate how to buy steem guide is for you.

The Fact Is That It Takes Steem To Make Steem!

Changelly helps new members get started buying steem super fast so they can make purchases and grow their steem power a little faster than the snails pace everyone starts off with.

  • Maybe you already went to Coinbase and bought some Litecoin or Ethereum. This is the best way to use Changelly as you get better rates due to their credit care processing fees.

This Is Exactly What I Do To Buy Steem.

1st – I go to Coinbase and buy $100 worth of litecoin. (Ethereum Works Well Too!) If you do not have an account it is very easy to set one up and get started. Takes about 15 minutes. You will need a mobile phone to verify you are who you say you are…Security is super important and I appreciate that. I’m sure you do too.

2nd – Once you have your account set-up and your payment info setup you can buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum. Once you make your purchase you will get a notification via email that it was successful. Visit your coinbase dash board and be sure it is in your wallet. Notice in the graphic below I do not have much currency sitting here…SEE THE SEND BUTTON?

How To Buy Steem Using Coinbase

Remember how to get back to your dashboard you will need the send button. It is probably best to just keep 2 windows open or tabs so you can switch between them easily. The send button will take you to this page…

How To Buy Steem With Coinbase


Which you will need to enter information from changelly here. It is so easy to do that I figured it out and I was a complete noob. All in all it takes about 5 minutes once your accounts are set up to easily turn real dollars into Steem!

3rd – Go to Changelly and create an account. It is free to create an account. Once your account is create you can click the Changelly logo in the top left corner to get started buying Steem.

How to buy steem online with a debit card or credit card

On the left toward the bottom you will select the currency that YOU HAVEpurchased at coinbase or *** IF YOU SKIPPED THE COINBASE STEPS*** select USD if you are in the States or EURO if in Europe and still using the Euro. This is what I love about Changelly so much it is so easy and transparent. Once you enter your amount of what YOU HAVE it will show youHOW MUCH YOU GET. You can select STEEM and click the big green EXCHANGE Button if you are satisfied with what you will get. You could change it to another currency also if you were using another platform but most people are wanting desperately to buy steem.

The Wizard will take you through the next few steps to confirm your purchase for steem. It is so Easy to buy Steem now.

If you have any questions please feel free to use the comments below and someone will help you buy steem. @changelly has a page that can help also.

You will need your Steem Address and Memo. Your Steem address is your User name…Mine is @binkley if you want to send me some Steem for writing the article that is ok with me. That is all you really need if you are transferring to steemit account. If you were sending it to another wallet you would need your memo key for that wallet.

I’ll transfer a small amount so you can see the steps…


Next you will see the confirmation. Again they are so transparent in what the fees are and how much you are getting for what you have. No other website that let’s you buy steem this easy is so open and honest. Here is a picture of what a small amount of litecoin is getting me today….WOW Right! These nominal fees are more than fair.

Buying Steem With Litecoin the easy way

Let’s move on the the final steps of buying steem.

If you like everything you see which I’m sure you will you will click the big green button confirm and make payment. Remember earlier when I told you to be able to get back to your coinbase dashboard? Now is when you need to copy a link that changelly provides. It looks like this…

How to convert dollars into steem

Take and copy the link Provided by changelly into the coinbase send button in your coinbase dashboard for the correct currency you selected when you started the Changelly process. So in our case I’m going to go back to Coinbase and select the send button for Litecoin and copy my Changelly payment address and paste it into coinbase where it says “*enter email or litecoin address. *” notice you have to select the proper currency either bitcoin, litecoin, or ethereum. This needs to match up with what and how much you told Changelly you were going to send. Be sure to have your mobile phone handy as coinbase will send a verification code to complete the transfer. I’m usually transfered within 5 minutes tops.

The Fastest Way To Buy Steem on Steemit

In just a few moments you will have steem in your steemit account. Yippie I just showed you how to buy steem easliy getting the best exchange rate possible by using Coinbase & Changelly. You can also cut out the coinbase steps and just buy with USD or Euro now at Changelly for added convenience you do pay a little more but it might be worth it if you can’t follow my easy how to by steem guide.

Steemit logo how to buy steem for steemit

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