SteemThat Launches Steem That Tokens Essentially A Points System just keeps growing and adding new members everyday. Some come for the tools and reviews of tools and some come for the Community. The Members make up the community and we are adding a lot of bright and vibrant members from around the world. Putting some of the greatest minds to work to make your journey better. There are so many awesome features that can be taken advantage of by members that they are too many to mention them all. Here is a short list of the top things members do on that helps them grow on

  1. They Join SteemThat and make some real friends and connections. They Join Groups And Share Ideas. Members of can share their Steemit link Automatically to be curated by our community curators plus they can share with real people who can Upvote, Follow, Comment and Resteem.
  2. Making Friends And Real Connections Is At The Heart Of  Private Message Other Members Or Chat In The Community Feed And Get The Discussion Started. We recently found that Posts that are Upvoted, Followed, Commented On And Resteemed By As Few As 20 Accounts Seen More Natural Steemit Views. The SteemThat Community Should Be Able To Help Each Other Out With This.
  3. Why It Works? If We Both Have A Penny Upvote And We Help Each Other We Will Eventually Have A 0.100 Upvote and Eventually After A Long Time We Can Have 0.500 and so on. It will literally take years if one member partnered with another member to support each other but eventually they both would grow…What if there were 100 Members That Supported Each Other Or 1000?
  4. Groups Are The Key To Organize Like Minds. They Can Be Private Or Public. They can be niche Photographers On Steemit, Vloggers on Steemit, Sports Fans On Steemit, Etc. There are so many options here it could go on for days. Essentially people who maybe play in a band would help others that play  in bands if they knew they existed. Plus you all would have things in common to discuss to build friendships in the group. It is a whole lot easier to do things for a friend than a stranger wouldn’t you agree? We solve some of Steemit’s shortfalls.
  5. Tools And How To Guides Are hard to find on Steemit. You can search for days and never find what you actually need. We seen this problem with link after link in post after post that wasn’t valid or the tool wasn’t working anymore or the information was outdated. Tools that could be a part of Steemit but for some reason they do not integrate stuff that people really want or need…Like Who Followed You And Then Quit Or Muted. Or Who Upvotes Your Posts The Most etc. These Tools are available and we write about them in the Blog.
  6. Some Tools We Have Created Or Been Loaned Are Very Helpful For Doing Some Tasks related To that just take up a lot of time doing manually. They are beta and we would love to make them even better so if you are an expert JS coder and want to help please message me. We think that putting a lot of the needed tools actually on one website instead of hundreds will help steemians save time and let them have more time for or or Even if we integrate the blockchain one day.


What Are Steem That Tokens?

Steem That Tokens Are Like Points That You Can Buy Or Earn. These Tokens Give You Access To The Content On The Website. Members receive Steem That Tokens for free when they perform tasks on the Website. They can also buy Tokens. These tokens are micro traded. Members can trade them between each other or pay access fees to use tools. We plan on an exchange and a market place as there is an extremely limited supply of Steem That Tokens. We now have Steem That Liquid which users can exchange Steem That Tokens for.

Steem That Tokens Have Value That Goes Beyond Any World Currency. Their Value Is Based Off Of The Value Of Our Tools, Services, and Content That Not Only We Create But Our Members Create. For Instance If The Tool All Bot Stats Is Used 10,000x per day and costs us $30 for hosting data we could charge 0.003 to access that page. Or We Could Charge an Access Fee Of 0.004 and make a profit or even use these fees to cover signup bonuses and payouts for content creations etc. Also If a page or tool never makes any money we could dump it to reduce storage space allocations. Update: We Have Tested And Decided To Not Charge Access Fees For Content At This Time But Do Charge Access Fees For Tools. 

  • Steem That Tokens Also Have Value As They Can Be Transferred Within The Steem That Community.
  • “Member X” Could In A Group Ask “Member  Z” to Upvote Their Steemit Post For 0.500 SteemThat Tokens.
  • Now We Have Created A Stealth Service Economy That Is Less Vulnerable To Anti Upvote Bots.

These are just a few scenarios of why you would trade Steem That Tokens Internally On . You could trade Steem That Tokens for Comments, Resteems, Upvotes, Follows, Etc. Join Some Groups Or Create Your Own Groups And Test It Out.

Update: With The Addition Of The Steem Flea Market There Could Be A Potential For Members To List Their Steem That Tokens For Sale And Earn Steem Via Upvotes From The Community! 

Now We Are Going Places





How much is a comment really worth right now and how much is it potentially worth in the future? 

Is there a formula for this? How would someone even begin to put a dollar value on this? How can I even be thinking about this right now when I write this article? Well this is all my mind has thought about for months and maybe even years. My brain is nothing more than an ultra sophisticated computer that I can control and program to do things. I cannot share our proprietary formulas or metrics to determine exactly why we have structured everything the way we have but I can tell you that is was a lot simpler than you think. Once I realized the formula was much like Pi, I was able to see how much a single comment on a post was really worth. I have jokingly added a picture of the math on Steemit in a post but seriously all of those numbers were part of the how and why we have what we have today.

So What Is The Answer…How Much Is A Comment really Worth Now And In The Future?

  1. It has been determined that the comment is always worth more if it happens than if it never does happen.
  2. The future value is always worth more than the present value and the past value as the past value never existed before creation of the comment. The present value is actually unknown but one has to assign a number to get started much like the genesis block.
  3. No currency can truly define the value of a comment now or in the future. To arbitrarily assign value or attempt to assign value to things that should never be assigned value, yet be freely expressed and freely received, is ludicrous. However, There are costs to hosting data and content and distributing that content. This is what truly is being assigned a value and not the actual comment.

If you understand any of this. Join my team of free thinkers and get paid absolutely nothing to help me help others grow.  It truly is just a labor of love for humanity. Plus, Eventually I Want To Start An Education Revolution World Wide Someday. Want you join me?

With the recent massive scams on Steemit such as the bellyrub and poloniex scam of 2017 we have decided to scrap any and all plans to launch a smart media token on the Steem block chain. We will continue to build out the Steem That Token and the frame work surrounding it.  It isn’t “blockchain” but more of “brickchain” with less bad actors.

The SteemThat Tokens are more “brickchain than “blockchain”.  The idea of a decentralized platform sounds great until a lot of bad actors start taking advantage of the decentralized system.

  • Steem That Tokens are centralized.
  • The central banking systems has control of the creation of tokens so that they are not simply created from nothing.
  • The Steem That Brick Ledger System is publicly made available.
  • We will be launching graphs and charts so that members can more easily see exactly how things work.
  • The simplicity in the way you earn tokens is sweet.
  • We will double and triple our efforts into building a token that is safe and more secure than many of the so called decentralized “blockchains.”
  • The Steem That Centralized Token Will Be More Open In Early 2018!
  • Members can currently easily transfer tokens between each other!

Thank you for your support as we learn and grow and make the best platform for our members!


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