How I publish to from mobile.

This will be my first article written for strictly from my mobile phone without an app using a chrome browser for android.

It auto starts the form in a text editor which I think we should remove for now and just stick to the visual editor for posts. This might make it a little easier to publish to verses and help some really new folks learn about blogging and stuff some before jumping write in.  Building this submit form puts us one step closer to using our own user interface to publish also to the Steem block chain or other chain in the future.

How do we do this? The first step is to remove the forced submit botton to all posts. Create our own HTML button like we did on the publish to post and add the same broadcast script accept exchange the title id to this user interface scripting. Really not so complicated. The complicated part is converting this HTML interface into markup so that it displays correctly once submitted. This is the challenge. With the publish to UI we could simply add an auto permalink feature based off of username and title that is hidden and remove the existing tags feature and also add our own. If we go to this much work we are better off simply hacking our own UI for what we need and adding it to the existing Publish to UI I think. Integrating this could be a script we could actually sell as many building off of wordpress could use an integration script or plugin.

I like open source but since the Steem Team and a ton of developers have started and failed or quit many times over we might do it so that it gets done. We need to raise large amounts of capital to do the things we want to do and this could be one way of generating that revenue.

There have been a ton of updates so many that every week something major was launched and alot of miner things were cleaned up. We are constantly working to finish phase one and still starting many phase 2 projects. Alot of the initial tools need to be cleaned up code wise and integration with steemconnect2.0 wherever possible. Some tools will not integrate do to the permissions required as of now. I would like to have it so that you can allow steemconnect to grant you a token and we can allow you to use your token for access without having to input sensitive keys. Of course the browser and coding handles all of this but that is the gist of it.

Steem-That-self-care-healthy We added new features to the interface to publish to  One thing we need to work on is media. I can access everyone’s media files from my account as far as adding them to my posts. Not a huge deal right now but really everyone should get their own media area at some point. We can add in a pixabay script I think to allow people to access that directly moving forward.

We have some things yet to work on in phase one as you can tell. We will not working until things are completed. We are ahead of schedule on some things and behind on others. We needed some games…lol Such a distraction from what was important but sometimes we all need a break and might as well take it here on steemthat.

???? Thank you all for your support and kind words. We are working for you.

One more image to test.

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