How Do You Trade Steem For Steem Dollars aka SBD

This is probably the 2nd most asked question on steemit. There are so many new things to learn that it can be overwhelming at times. Remember what you always heard though, “Anything work getting is worth working hard for.” I think this rings true with steemit. If you are a complete new person to social media or crypto currencies or blogging your hill to climb is steep. If you have some knowledge about markdown, or blogging then the road is a little easier. If you understand crypto currency also known as digital currency then you are way ahead of the game. Most people new to the best kept secret social media platform on earth Steemit do have some social networking experience and most own a smart phone. This is great news. Learning the lingo can be intimidating but you will pick it up with time. It reminds me of the tv commercial in the USA where the older lady is literally writing on the walls of her house not her facebook wall..Too funny I bet you can search for it and get a great laugh..

Enough Chatty Cathy Already….How Do You Trade Steem for Steem Dollars also known as SBD?

This is actually a super easy process but if you are new to Steemit you can bet a little confused or even completely lost. I promise you that I was standing in your shoes not long ago and even ranted and raved about it on steemit. “Why wasn’t people making things easier?” I thought. The good news is that the development team and the steemit community often work together to solve some of the most complex issues with great results. Think about this for a moment. Not too long ago a guy sitting around drinking a cold beer one evening thought to himself, ” I wonder if I could tie a block chain crypt currency to an entire social media platform and then make people from all over the world rich or better off than they were before they joined? What if I could essentially decentralize currency and work but not just for me but the whole wide world? What if I could change the world and make it a better place? Hey they did it! Steemit is new and in beta so sometimes things are not perfect but they try really hard to do the best they can do.

Don’t tangled up in the weeds and sticker bushes trying to wrangle a crocodile. This is my best most solid advice I could give you. Figure out how you want to use the platform and get started doing what makes you happiest and makes others happiest and things will all work out.

Converting Steem To SBD Is So Easy and You Can See The Full Step By Step Guide Including Pictures On Steemit For A Few More Days. Once the post pays out I usually publish the full content here on to make it easy to find all of the award winning articles. Click here to see the full article and convert steem into steem dollars in under 5 min.

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