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Delicious Liege Waffle Honey Chicken at Waffles & Wedges
This week I’m at Waffles & Wedges, where I’m having the Waffle Chick. The Waffle Chick, from Waffles & Wedges,
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Steem That Tokens Not Immutable But Who Really Cares?
One of the great blast of selling supposed decentralized blockchain tech is that it is Immutable! How true is this
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Dollar Collapse 2018
According to a prophetic article in the economist magazine back in 1988, there will be a new currency.  Was it
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Founder of Sells All Bitcoins
The original founder of sells all his Bitcoin and states that cryptocurrency “the most risky investment a person can
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Juicy Corned Beef Special at Hershel’s East Side Deli
This visit takes me to the Reading Terminal Market and a big heaping juicy Corned Beef Special at Hershel’s East
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Baked Cheesy Chicken Kiev
Source: Recipe by: Jack Schwarz INGREDIENTS: 1 cup panko-style breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
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Create Your ERC-20 Wallet For New Coins Easy
Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet If you need an ERC-20 wallet this is the easiest to
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crypto3.0 light speed to the moon and back instant
Crypto3.0 Light Speed The Death Of Currencies As We Know Them Today!
Cloud Banks Will Be The Wave Of The Future And Crypto3.0 Light Speed Will Be At It’s Core. Crypto3.0 Light
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chicken salad
Salad with chicken and tangerines
Hope You like and enjoy the recipe ! @mike11Read More →
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steem market flea
Steem Flea Market Sample
Steem Flea Market Sample Please Copy And Paste And Fill In The Information Or Build Your Own And Include This
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Greedy Trader beware….. How to Control Greed in Trading ?
 Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. Warren Buffett Greedy Trader or
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Food Is Awesome And I Love To Eat
Food Is So Yummy and I love to eat food. Some foods taste better than others. It is strange how
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sobat stishit ini adalah bunga buat delima yang sangat baik untuk mengobati panas dalam atau penyakit lainnya. dan ini masih
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Sweet And Spicy Popcorn
How to make Sweet And Spicy Popcorn. This recipe can serve 8, and is ready in 10 minutes. Ingredients What
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7 days beauty routine
How To Get Glowing Skin In A Week Day 1 Starting today, CTM is your new religion. While most people
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Steemit Open Mic entry for Week 79
Here’s a brand new song I wrote for Steemit’s Open Mic contest this week!   I’ve decided to take things
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🏙 My first Urban Sketchers Medellín drawing 😁 🎨
Hello!!! 😁   Here I present you my very 1st drawing or “sketch” with the Urban Sketchers of Medellín, it
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Steemish 1 Billion Market Valuation? YES
Could Steemish Really Obtain A 1 Billion USD Evaluation In 12 Months? I’m going to explain how and Why I
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Walau kita berasal dari ayah dan ibu yang sama tapi mungkin kita tidak harus sama inilah yang harus kita pahami,
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Russia Aids Venezuela’s Petro
Venezuela’s petro has been experiencing a rough time since its inception, now a Russian financial institution is stepping in to
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