Homeless Man Reward $300,000

Johnny Bobbitt is a homeless vet with a caring heart. He came across Kate McClure, the damsel in distress. She was stranded when her car ran out of gas on the southbound I-94 near Philadelphia. Bobbitt was living near the exit ramp where McClure’s car stalled. He approach the car and told Ms. McClure to stay in the car, lock the doors and he would go get some gas. He walked a few blocks to the gas station and used his last $20 dollars to purchase some gas. He returned and got the car running, Ms. McClure had no money with her and she promised to repay him.

The following day McClure along with her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico sought out Bobbitt near the exit ramp. They thanked Bobbitt for his kindness and repaid him. They returned several times over the next few weeks and again gave him some money. Over this time, they felt a need to provide more assistance considering Bobbitt’s financial state and his thoughtful act. They started a GoFundMe campaign, the effort went viral and has raised over $300,000.

Good for Mr. Bobbitt, Ms. McClure and Mr. D’Amico. We could use more people doing the right thing.

Source: philly.com

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