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SteemThat started as an upvote bot for the social media platform.

Users of can send a small amount of SBD to @steemthat to bid for a portion of the upvote that SteemThat can give. When I first started their were only a few operating and some of them had zero explanation of how they worked or how to use them. I would like to think we at have made a large impact on how these upvote bots operate. We can keep them honest and give users a voice and a platform to share their stories about using upvote bots on steemit.

Now offers tools to let you see Upvote Bot Stats Live. We have asked that all bot creators add their Minimum SBD bid to their steemit profiles so that when we display their data you the user get accurate information. Instead of bidding 0.500 SBD and wasting your bid now you can usually see what a min acceptable bid usually is. Really Awesome Stuff Everyone! Plus with a min bid you know that you might need to bid a little more as this is generally an auction for the upvotes. Some Steemit Upvote Bots will return your SBD if they don’t vote while others do not. Always visit each Upvote bots blog page and do your homework. Check out our blog for many helpful steemit guides


This would be a super duper long list of things that offers its users. Some of the most popular features is the steemit curation hack tool that helps users know when certain steemians vote and then you can go follow the link and also upvote. This is an excellent tool for curation.

Another Sweet Tool That Many Still Do Not Know About It The Buy Steem Fast Tool. This helpful tool depending on which country you are from allows you to purchase Steem the crypto currency with your credit card! Their is a minimum purchase amount and sometimes the fees for convenience are a little more than a crypto to crypto trade but it is still a great tool for many new steemians. You can also trade crypto for crypto but buy defualt it is real world currency for digital currency steem!

Auto Share Your Steemit Posts With The community! The SteemThat Auto Share is really nice because it allows you to add the hashtag #steemthatshare to your steemit post and automatically get a few upvotes via our curation bots plus we encourage the community members to upvote and follow posts in the Auto Share Page! Check It Out.


SteemThat Feeds is about to super sweet. So far we have allowed 2 people per category to have their feeds displayed on This is definitely the best form of advertising that your Steem can purchase right now. We have a group of users that love Steemit. We have new members and old members looking to add new followers. Space is limited to 2 steemit user per category for now. Several people have bought a bargain already with their feeds. Thank you for testing our beta version.

The price for SteemThat feeds will skyrocket soon and be based on a competitive bid system per category. Soon we will introduce the super SteemThat feeds where users can upvote while on  I see feed syndication here based on our traffic and follower growth and added upvote value being worth $100 per year with some categories possibly reaching $1000 or more by the end of the year depending on the price of steem. Additionally we are working on a syndication model for advertising your posts to an even broader user base as both platforms grow. Rotating advertising feeds on pages here at will also come out soon as an added bonus for your feed participation. Put resteem penny services on the back burner be a pro!

SteemThatChat grew into a mini social network of its own.

  • Now you can chat
  • Direct message each other
  • Update your SteemThat Profile
  • Share Your Links
  • Discuss Things In The Group Ceiling
  • Create Groups
  • Participate In A Community Feed
  • Be A Part Of Something Huge!

How Can You Help SteemThat Grow?

This is what this post is all about really. We are helping you grow your profile and we need you to help yourself a year from now by investing into SteemThat today! You can help grow the bots…When you help grow the bots with your Steem or SBD donation you not only help yourself down the road, but you also help yourself and your fellow steemians now by making the upvote bots more powerful. Steemians that are special get recognized for their generosity on Our Favorite Steemians Page.

Your donation is never a blind donation with zero in return. The funds we raise are split 50/50. Directly now leased SP for 1 month and Directly invested Powered Up Steem Power. You win now and you win a year from now. Learn more about this on our Favorite Steemians Page or make your future better right now!

Visit Your Steemit Wallet And Transfer Steem Or SBD to @steemthat with Thank You in the memo! 






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