Im dylen de from Borneo Asia, 43 years old, there is not much to say about me.. Just an ordinary person who like adventure and making new things as leisure.

Got no fix hobby too…I do anything that might interest me playing remote control drift car, Taking photograph of anything such as nature and interesting places.

At the moment i like doing something about crypto-currencies and found out it can be a source for the living..i’m still new to this but i enjoy it.

I do have a small business in computer parts but i did not do it like for a big international thing it just for fun because i like about the computer tech gaming and custom made casing for computer.

Okay about my place… I don’t know what to say cause I live in a small community but a we have varieties of cultural and races. Live near the beach area. We do have some historical places too.

Local food….lol I think we a famous with one this local food called “Umai” [00 may] thats how we pronounce it haha..Its a raw fish cut and slices into a little finger size without bones..and mix with some big onion, chili, salt, lime juice crushed peanut and thats it..



Okay guys if you to know more about me and place just drop your questions I try my best to give the input..


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Dylen welcome. Understand everyone here is an ordinary person but we all can do extraordinary things, we just don't realize that what we do is all that great. But other people do see the talent.

6 months ago

By the way, that oo may sounds very good. I have eaten a lot of poki. That is cubes of raw fish (usually ahi) with seaweed and scallions. They usually add a shoyu (soy sauce) dressing.

6 months ago
dieland dylnde

Haa sound nice i try to google the whole recipe..

6 months ago

Wow a very impressive introductory friend. Greetings know from me, who also live near the beach and admirers of adventure

5 months ago