My First Post Using The New Write Posts On Steem That Tool…

This tool has been available for a while but was buried as it had issues. Recently @webresultat published 2 posts on Steem That.  One he published in German And One In English showing how easy it is to buy Steem That Tokens. (Wondering how I linked your profile? It doesn’t auto do that yet like it does in the Community Feed. Maybe one day we will get the tech for that soon.) For now It helps to be on the Leader Board. I simply right clicked and copied the #2 Earner of Steem That Tokens and used the quick link tool in the visual editor. Others are doing well too and I think once they keep missing the big bonus and payouts that they will be more active.

The only big downside I see is that you can’t use Markup.

It isn’t transferring well so HTML only in the Text editor if you like old school, but the Basic Visual Editor Will Get You By Just Fine! You Can Add Bold and Italics by highlighting and clicking… You can add a splash of color also.

Type your Text And Then Highlight The Text And Select Your Headline Size Or Normal Paragraph. This is A Headline 3.

If you are handy with basic HTML you can super duper customize your posts to some extent using the text editor. We have css that will generally overide most things you try that are not standard. MY ADVICE IS IF YOU ARE NOT VERY GOOD WITH HTML JUST USE THE VISUAL EDITOR. IT IS BEST TO JUST STICK WITH ONE OR THE OTHER AND NOT SWITCH BACK AND FORTH AS YOU CAN BREAK YOUR POST.

Saying Hello For Really The First Time Using A Tool Like This Is Beyond Awesome!!!

When you build it out and then actually try it and know what it means for the platform and you start making all of the things you dreamed about come to life the feeling is Beyond belief. is really on the move and daily pushing one step closer to being able to do some great things. If you are here early and not taking advantage of this you are missing out.

The payouts for creating posts on are through the roof currently for a limited time to increase the use of many of these tools. We build all of these awesome feature for you to test and check out and if they work like we need them to work we are pretty happy. When our members win we all win.

Why Do We Need This?


There are several reasons we need to be able to allow members to publish content. If users can publish content here that same content could at some point be published to the Steem block chain from here. Additionally we know that people often work hard to write a post and deserve something for their efforts. You can publish your unique original work in multiple places. It is advised to not do exact copies but you can have your works published on multiple outlets with links to things you are working on.

There are several reasons we wanted our users to have an outlet for publishing content. When is down and you have to get your work published we can publish it on For now posts hit the blog just like any other articles. They also hit the front page for a moment in time… Soon I’ll Launch The Category Pages That Will Display A Nice Grid Layout Of User Submitted Posts For Easy Navigation. UPDATE: LAUNCHED JUST NOW!

The more friends you make here the more followers and upvotes you can get on

Now You Can Upload Photos Into Your Steem That Post….

Binkley Buying Tokens

This is why I Am Buying Steem That Tokens As Fast As I Can. I think all of the progress that we have made in such a short amount of time should give confidence to people that are watching and waiting to join and be a part of The movement.

  • Vibrant Community That Is Growing
  • Social Media Platform Like No Other
  • Rewards For Your Activities
  • Rewards For Writing Posts
  • Tools That Help You On
  • Articles And Links To Tools You Can’t Live Without All In One Place
  • Friends That Support One Another On Both Platforms
  • Auto Curation Of Your Posts When You Use Auto Share
  • This Doesn’t Even Begin To Show All Of What SteemThat Has To Offer. WOW!

At the end of all of this when we keep getting bigger and better there will be many that will say, “Wow I missed this…How The Heck Did I Miss This?”

Post Update: You Can Now Publish To From Using MarkDown. WHAT IS MARKDOWN?

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Super Beitrag ich bin mal richtig gespannt was hier noch alles gehn wird

8 months ago

Update: Markdown now working for publish to SteemThat using the text option. Publish to now has an awesome mirror feature. ?

8 months ago

ok werde es mir auf jden Fall ansehen

8 months ago