Hear The Drummer Get Wicked!! RHYTHM

Good morning SteemThat folk!

Here’s a quick drumming video of a funky little rhythm I created on my sons junior kit!

Rhythm is a really tricky word to spell, so here’s a way I remember it –


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Frederick Stralow

That is C-R-A-Z-Y Crazy Darren Claxton! I especially like the way you remember how to spell rhythm. If I didn't know better I would think you were working on a Steem That, #Steemish, #Stish theme song, well from the words I saw on Stish.io anyway. That will be awesome to see you and your son jamming together one day. I tried to play the drums and guitar once, took a 6 week course for guitar and well, I have no rhythm and reading music is a talent in itself. I do appreciate good music and I have much respect for those that are musically inclined.

3 weeks ago
Darren Claxton

Cheers for watching man! It was fun to make!

2 weeks ago