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My Struggles With Autism
  In this video,  I explain my struggles with autism, its a hard struggle and people who don’t have it,
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Come Monday
Two House Republicans are seeking to file impeachment documents against Rosenstein as early as Monday.  At issue is Rosenstein whom
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Having My First Giveaway ( Open World Wide)
  I am having my first giveaway, since I am broke AF, I will be giving away copies of my
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My 5 Struggles With Anxiety
In this video, I talk about the 5 struggles I have with my anxiety. Anxiety is a constant struggle for
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Stish Currency Logo
The reason we started charging a nominal exchange fee.
If you have ever used coinbase or other exchange you might have to pay a fee. When you make sell
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Illegal Immigrants on an Island? You Betcha!
Guam is located approximately 6,000 miles from San Francisco, CA; 3,800 miles west of Honolulu, HI; 1,500 south of Japan;
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Future of NATO
There are many conflicting stories coming out about Trump’s position on NATO.  Some are saying that he has threatened to
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How To Post To IGTV
This is a tutorial on how to post to IGTV, this lets you post longer videos to IG Share this...FacebookGoogle+DiggTwitterRedditStumbleUponRead
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My Channel Trailer To My Gaming Channel
my channel trailer for my gaming channel. Prepare for noon deaths, funny reactions, over reactions, rage sometimes and mediocre voice
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Came Here From Steemit
hello everyone, I came here from a site called Steemit. I really liked it, until recently. I became a victim
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