Generate Steemit Scripts For Your Website

This Is The Ultimate Script Generator For Your Website. Now There Is Now Even More!!!

If you own a website and are trying to create scripts to call the steemit api to have data from displayed on your website then this article is for you!

Recently, by chance, I came across a writer/developer on named @mkt who describes himself as, “Just A Dreamer.” I would argue that he is a big dreamer, a fantastic dreamer, and a huge friend to website owners who also engage in steemit and want to display steemit data on your website. is published using the power of wordpress and the scripts that @mkt helped generate using his super power are able to run on wordpress without breaking my website. They are not plugins in the sense of wordpress but they are universal plugins. With a little coding knowledge they can easily be inserted into your website. I use the insert headers and footers script and notepad++ for editing the scripts as needed.

Here is the link to the Steemit Widget Generator. If you own your own website then you should be able to use the generator fairly easily. You can copy and paste the DIVS using the text editing option of WP. It is easy to change the names of the DIVS and then find that in the Script and change the element names to match if needing when using multiple scripts on a page. That is when my old timey notepad++ comes in handy to tweak the code and save a copy for future reference. There is a Custom CSS & JS plugin that would work well if you wanted to use it to insert the scripts per page but only their pro version does this.

The scripts have not slowed down my webpage at all unless steemit api is running slow…When trying to display long feeds or a lot of lists of profiles if the api is slow the webpage might load this slower. There is probably a way to preload this and I know there is but I can’t remember how to do that.

For those not using wordpress it is standard copy and paste the scripts generated before the closing body tag and placing the div in the html where you want it to show up!

Again here is the fast widget creator for displaying steemit content on your own website…If you are still needing more help on installing this or looking for more info about this plugin then you might want to check the full plugin here.


This question is the number one question that website owners are asking. If you have read the above content you are probably already gone looking at the generator. If you stayed wanting to know more then you have done great. The full plugin is more than just a generator of scripts for steemit. It is a HOW TO USE GUIDE and a DEMO! Plus all of the actual strings that you would need to tweak the code or really enhance the script or customize it. You will want to see this if you are developing anything on steemit because this data is hard to find. Visit the full docs and the full plugin now.


This has just be discovered by me and I’m almost too excited to share it!  SteemDeck…Go See For Yourself. Thank you very much @mkt for making these tools available to the community!


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