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I will soon re-open Discord server
I have been working on my server for quite a time now. It was shut down due to the inactivity,
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It's Our Little Secret!
Major War Looming While People Are In The Dark.
While the US media tries to make a big deal about some Hondurans trying to cross the Mexico,USA border there
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The steemit scam flagger war!!
The #steemit #scam flagger war!! All is said here:      
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Diversifying my interest or spreading too thin
    Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too
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Delicate Calls – Original Music by Darren Claxton
Click on the picture to hear the track Delicate Calls is an ambient soundtrack of unknown genre. It has elements
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Round up the troops! Family meeting time is valuable time.
Family time Isn’t Just for Fun — It Also Has Some Serious positive Benefits for all. Round up the troops!
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We Have An Official Token Event Contract And Details.
  Stish to Migrate to New Smarter Contract! This is great news and will change the game for Stish and
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Airdrop – Vertex Market
  Do you want to invest in an ICO, but don’t know if you will get the returns? Do you
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