Food Is So Yummy and I love to eat food.

Some foods taste better than others. It is strange how a group of people can all eat the same thing but each enjoy it in a different way. Some might even think it is too spicy or to salty while others think it is just right.. Thanks to taste-buds we all get a unique experience every-time we taste food. This article is going to be a few words and several photos of some of my recent favorite meals. I hope you enjoy.


We recently made a nice big fruit plate….
Steem That Food Fruit Plate

Nothing makes a hot fall day better than some fresh fruits!

We also recently ate some salads and used some fresh garden ripe tomatoes..So Delicious…Most places in the country have been done with their summer gardens for a while but here on the coast we are just now starting to see our tomato plants wither as winter approaches. Not too much longer and we can plant another garden again..
SteemThat Fresh Tomatoes Food

I know we eat way too much pasta and we are not even Italians. We just have two boys that sometimes will not eat anything else so it is often pasta night…

Steem That Paste Food

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