The Fastest Way to Bid For All Of The Quality Minnow Bots At Once!

We used to have a need for a fast minnow bid bot. This tool once upon a time allowed you to send 0.010 SBD to 20 Minnow Promotion Bots Along With Your Steemit URL to be upvoted. It saved you a ton of time as you did not have to do them one by one. Over the year many small Minnow Upvote Bots stopped their services or grew to be 0.100 SBD and up. There are several reasons for this. The small 0.010 Upvote Bots are not profitable at all. They require a lot of maintenance and the cost of server space if you have to pay to run the bot is around 20-30 USD per month. Most small minnow upvote bots just simply cannot sustain themselves. Their operators either invest and grow or they fade away!

We Will Be Moving The Fast Minnow Bot Service To The General Send To All Bot Service… Please Follow This Link or Check In Tools In The Navigation.