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When Will The FAQS Page be Done?

The FAQS Page Is Being Added To Almost Daily! If you have a question feel free to ask on any platform we are on and I’ll try to answer here and there.

Sometimes I Get 4% Upvote and Other Times I Get 16% or 25% Why A Different Amount Each Time?

@SteemThat is designed to allow multiple people to bid for its upvote. So it is kind of like an auction in that sense. There currently is a voting window that is around 1.25 hours between upvotes. All of the people that submit bids for an upvote during this window share in my upvote potential pretty evenly since the suggested bid is 0.05 at this time of this writing. So most just send that bid amount. Some people send a little more in an attempt to get a little bit larger share of the upvote potential and it works if there are only a few people in the bidding window.

So for instance you and someone else are the only bidders. You get half and the other person gets half. What if one of you bids a little more? If someone were to bid 0.08 then they would have a slight advantage and usually get a little bit larger share of the vote. The algorithm that each bot uses is generally very complicated but this is the basic idea of how most of the upvote bots work. We try to keep it as even as possible by encouraging the set bid amount and using a special algorithm to keep it very fair. So bid too much and you don’t get much extra, and bid too low and you get nothing. 

You Say That Using @SteemThat Is An Investment Into Both Our Futures…Please Explain?

I do say that from time to time and it is true if you continue to use the @steemthat upvote bot service that over time you will get bigger and better upvotes from the upvote bot. I’m planning on investing the earned SBD into steem and steem power delegation to increase my power rapidly. Additionally I’m hoping as some people see that I have good will that maybe they will delegate some steem power also for free or for maybe promoting their tools etc. Who knows where we will be in say 4 weeks? We might be giving out 0.50 cent upvotes for a dime. You can help by using this service for sure. I’ll always be fair and try to set things up so that the little guys win!

Why did I launch a simple chat or messaging service?

The main reason was that sometimes all of the others ones just seem overwhelming to me. A simple one room chat message service that anyone could use made sense. Plus I got tired of getting modded for posting something in the wrong room. SteemThat.com has one room for now talk or share your posts. New folks can use it to discover content and new people to follow. If they are sharing on SteemThat Chat you know they are active.

Can anyone use SteemThat?

Yes anyone can use it. It is best to sign up for a free membership account as it will be restricted to members only very soon to limit spam. I would prefer users of SteemThat  to be for members of Steemit.com for obvious reasons. We try to help each other grow!

Why Else Did You Build SteemThat?

Ok you got me. A while back I wrote a post complaining about some things about steemit. At least it came off like I was complaining. I hope everyone knows I love Steemit.com and only would like to see it grow and improve. In my post I asked why Steemit.com doesn’t have a direct message service like every other major social media platform. Someone responded with how difficult it would be to create one….

It wasn’t too hard to make it happen. There are actually several open source php and js chat or message service tools available that could be installed on steemit.com. It is so important to keep users engaged on a website and for steemit to keep users on their platform verses going to other platforms is actually critical for scaling I think.

Can I Share My Links On SteemThat?

Yes you can share your links. You can chat about your steemit post and share your links to your steemit posts Via SteemThat Community Feed or Your Profile Stream. I’m hoping that people that use all of the SteemThat.com tools and guides etc will also help support others using the website and help them grow. From time to time you might get a few free upvotes from the upvote bots also.

Why did you build a separate website?

This is what I’m good at to be straightforward. My coding skills are mediocre at best. I want to continually give back to the Steemit community and this is my best way of doing that. The mission of this website is to be an all inclusive one stop shop for everything that new steemit users would need to get happily on their new steemit journey.

I’m a steemit champion and I can spread the word about this great social media platform best this way. Transparency is also another concern I had. I want people to know more about me and the services I offer with out having to dig through all of my blog posts on steemit to find them. I feel that organizing all the most current and useful info into one place is a great idea! We keep building more and more awesome tools.

What Do I Really Need To Know To Use SteemThat.com and SteemThat Tokens And Steemish Block Chain Tokens?

  • We can not access your account or send your funds for you.
  • We can not Recover or change your private keys for Ethereum Wallets. Furthermore We Do Not Need Them And Will Not Ask. Avoid Phishing Scams.
  • You Can Recover And Reset Your SteemThat.com Password, However, You Cant’ With Steemit. Keep Your Passwords/keys safe and secure.
  • We can not Reverse, cancel, or refund transactions that are on eEhereum or have to do with Steemish as it is written on the Ethereum Block Chain.
  • We Can Freeze Accounts On SteemThat.com. We can not Freeze your Steemish As It Is Based On The Decentralized Ethereum Block Chain.

You and only you are responsible for your security.

  • Be diligent to keep your private key and password safe. Your private key is sometimes called your mnemonic phrase, keystore file, UTC file, JSON file, wallet file.
  • If you lose your private key or password, no one can recover it reference to ethereum wallets and steemish.
  • If you enter your private key on a phishing website, you will have all your funds taken. Use Caution When Dealing With Crypto Currencies. Most Browsers Allow For The Cryptonite Plugin or Extension To Help Verify Websites Are Who They Say They Are!

What Is An ICO? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Steemish and SteemThat.com really doesn’t have what many would think of as an ICO. We have more of a crowdsale or a DTE (digital token event).

What Is A Crowdsale? Great question. A Crowdsale is where large amounts of people purchase the token at a discounted rate prior to anyone else before a token is listed on an exchange or traded P2P. With Steemish our crowdsale will last Until March 2018 with varying stages of discounts during different time frames. A Crowdsale is a limited time value for early participants. It is Similar to a DTE.

What is A DTE? DTE is an acronym that stands for Digital Token Event.  This event could be a round of crowdfunding or other special event that revolves around a digital currency. Some People Call It A Donation Token Event Also. Because As People Donate A Specified Amount They Then In Turn Get Issued A Digital Token. Usually The Funds Are Put In Escrow. If a preset minimum is not raised during the Event Time period the tokens are often burned and the funds returned to their rightful owners. It is similar to crowdfunding but with digital assets that are rewarded verses t-shirts!

Is Purchasing Digital Tokens Risky? VERY MUCH SO! Some are more risky than others. Some are out and out scams &  just a bunch of hype. There are other scams called pump and dumps where people pump up a currency and then sell off that token or coin to unsuspecting buyers. There are really no guarantees when it comes to tokens for the most part. The most risk is often in tokens that have nothing developed and just have a concept. The biggest thing I see is new people not experienced buying Digital Currency such as Ether, Bitcoin or Steemish and then losing those funds because they do not understand the addresses or how to send the funds etc.

SteemThat.com has a working proven model which helps some but even we have no guarantees expressed or implied. Steemish isn’t a security and should not be used as an investment. With that stated some tokens like Steemish with a fixed amount of created tokens is a plus.


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