Eventful Days Lately A Little Joy Shined Through Today

Our last few days have been crazy busy to say the least. Between raising two baby boys and dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey we have been swamped with work. From chasing after the stir crazy boys because the mosquitoes have been so bad that the boys really think they can fly. ‘They only lift them a little off the ground.” says my wife. To meeting and dealing with insurance companies and contractors and everyone in between it has been crazy.willworkforsteem

It has been a tough couple of weeks. I have been so stressed that I’m not shaving everyday like normal and just threw on a hat but was relieved with overwhelming joy when on my front steps I did Spy!!!

Yes, It Was I Will Work For Steem Power T-shirt! This was the height of my day for sure and was very happy it finally arrived. Now I’m on to the walk and talk video making evening where we walk and talk about Steemit.com and SteemThat.com… Big Surprise In The Next Video Which I’ll Add To This Post.

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