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We launched our on rewards system that we are beta testing in advance to our Smart Media Tokens Launch In 2018. We do nee everyones help in growing our community. We are only as good and strong as our members. We ask all members to please upvote, comment , follow and resteem each other. When you help one member grow you help yourself grow.

Below are some graphics that you may use to promote to steem if you are writing articles on SteemThat.com or Steemit, Facebook, Twitter etc. We will be adding several more graphics in the coming days. Most know how to use these but in case you are not familiar we will give you a quick tutorial for both html and markdown. You can find your affiliate link here https://steemthat.com/steem-that-affiliates/ .

If you are using SteemThat.com and the post tool you can simply right click an image below and copy the image link address… When you copy it then paste it into your post it will automatically show up where you paste it.. Then you could add your affiliate link by clicking the image and using the insert/edit link in the visual tool bar editor. This method is super easy to do.

You can also right click the images and then click save as and download the images and then re upload them to social media to use in your post. This works well for Steemit also as it will upload the image for you. In steemit an image isn’t clickable normally. See how to do it it here https://help.ghost.org/hc/en-us/articles/224410728-Markdown-Guide .

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