Delicious Liege Waffle Honey Chicken at Waffles & Wedges

This week I’m at Waffles & Wedges, where I’m having the Waffle Chick.

The Waffle Chick, from Waffles & Wedges, is a delicious take on the classic fried chicken and waffles –
a generous portion of breaded chicken bites (think nugget sized fried chicken, not fast food)
drizzled with honey served atop a Liege waffle (crunchy outside, chewy inside)

Video at:


The combination of the juicy chicken, the honey and the Liege waffle
make for an awesome combination – savory, sweet, and substantive.

This place has so much variety that you could go again and again
without running out of things that you swear you’ll try next time.

I’ll let them describe what variety awaits you:

“Our shop offers Waffles, Wedges and more with toppings galore.
From scratch Liege waffles can satisfy your sweet cravings.
Our potato Wedges are baked, no they are not fried.
Pretzel rolls for sandwiches, both sweet and savory.

This spin off, features the Pbon and Philly Melt varieties,
signatures of the bright yellow Pbon’s Fresh Phood truck”


Big Guy warning: the inside’s kinda small,
but the warmer weather will bring outside tables.

Defintely will be back to this place…

But don’t just take my word for it…

4 stars on Yelp
(on a basis of 48 reviews)

4.3 stars on Google
(on a basis of 9 reviews)

no reviews from Zomato

Waffles & Wedges
1511 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102

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