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Try This Useful Steem Followers Tool.

There is one tool that helps you see clearly who has muted you and who has unfollowed you. This tool even shows the accounts that have been deleted or have gone completely inactive. This tool can help you clean up your Steemit Followers List Very Fast.

Here is the link to the tool.. The Name Of The Tool Is Steem Followers but has a subdomain name for now.

Steem Followers

If someone muted you this tool also shows you that information. If someone unfollowed you after you followed them now you can see it. You can use any account name but I’m sure the tool is probably best used to help cleanup your own account. Steem Followers Recently Got A New Look. For A While I Have Used This Excellent Steemit Tool Created by @shaunmza¬†often and just realized how awesome the redesign is. If you have not used this tool recently you are going to be surprised at the updates that have been made. The new graph and time frame search features makes this tool a must have for anyone using steemit. The way the data is displayed makes it easy to see who is on your side.

If you see that a lot of people unfollowed you or muted you on a particular day you might be able to look back and see what content you created that day. Were you drunk blogging again? Sometimes the data you get from these great steemit tools actually have multiple uses that people often over look. If most of your followers are Trump supporters and you wrote a post bashing him on the 25th and you also lost half your followers you can connect the dots fast.

You could had a simple post that got a lot of traffic and on the days that it was at it’s peak you can see how many new people you acquired because of your writing style during that time period. You mind find that when you post pictures of your dogs doing funny things that a lot of people followed you. So you might want to try that again if you are trying to grow your followers and forget the posts about your love of exotic furniture covers that never get any upvotes and never acquire new followers!

I guess I love analyzing the data and trying to see patterns that can give me an advantage on steemit. You can do it also. Look outside the box a little and find your path!


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