Starting in February, the chrome browser will begin to block ads like autoplay videos.  Also ads that repeatedly show full page or pop up ads.  The standards were proposed by the Coalition for Better Ads.  This is and industry group that includes technology and media companies.  If the offending site fails to correct the ad within 30 days, all ads will be removed from that site.

This is a step in the right directing (IMO) as these ads are obnoxious.  If you ever had a few windows opened at once and suddenly an ad begins, you are at a loss to find which window is running the ad.  The full page pops up are just as annoying when you are trying to read an article and the ad covers the entire article.

I do understand that this is how the site generates revenue but if they don’t find a less annoying way to promote a product, people (or at least myself) will not only forgo buying the product being advertised but I will no longer visit their site.  I believe it is counterproductive.

Another thought is if a person doesn’t want the product in the first place why would jamming it in their face make them change their mind.  Now if they would stop their snooping on what internet surfer search for to develop profiles so they can select specific ads for the specific user.  To further explain, have you noticed that you might do a search for a computer.  In short order you begin getting ads for computers on your computer.  Do you really think that this is a coincidence?

Kudos to chrome – I believe it is a step in the right direction.

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