Semantics is frequently ignored when people discuss precious metals.  It is important to precisely describe the difference between physical and paper when one speaks about the metals.  The COMEX is a market consisting of paper contracts and the price quoted is only relevant to the price of the paper contracts.Read More →

After Friday’s monkey hammering on the metals, I was seeking other people’s opinion on what caused the beating.  There was, in my opinion, no obvious reason for the massive volume of paper contracts floated on the COMEX which resulted in the price drop. I came across this email submitted toRead More →

Bernie Sanders… the politician? No, the other one… the “Fragile Minded Steemit Troll.” After much consideration, as I have previously mentioned, I will be leaving Steemit. I will not close my account but will go pretty much inactive. As a “hate’tee” of the Great and Powerful Oz berniesanders, I reallyRead More →

The Jiamener hotpot restaurant in Chengdu, Sichuan province was forced to close its doors after it offered a month long all you can eat promo.  On June 1, the restaurant offered its membership card holders the all you can eat offer, the member was charged about $25 or 120 yuanRead More →

It was bad enough that the president spoke in an international event where other nationalities were present, It was bad that President would speak so of younger Nigerians who put their lives on the line to install buhari goverment I am not surprised to see that kind of statement comingRead More →

Dewi Kunti dikenal sebagai ibu dari lima bersaudara yaitu: Bima, Arjuna, Yudistira, Nakula dan Sadewa. Yang kita kenal dengan Pandawa Lima. Namun foto yang sempat saya ambil disini adalah Patung Dewi Kunti dan yang kita bahas sedikit adalah masalah Dewi Kunti. foto Patung Dewi Kunti yang saya ambil di jalanRead More →


Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit. It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners. I hope you like this country vibe. Lyrics Once or twice I let you back intoRead More →

How to free online Earn you Billion Bitcoin Satoshes ?  So friends Let us start tips and tricks that how  can you online free earning money very fast or relabel  today I tell you all About method online earning free bitcoin some one Automatic making money example you say to Autopilot anyRead More →

Hi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish byRead More →

Metal Detecting – I’m a Physical History Hunter – This is my favourite little toy car that I’ve found – Circa 1930’s. Early in 2014 I found myself in a really dark depressed place after unfortunately, having a major breakdown. There were many triggers and reasons for this and I’dRead More →

how to free Earns without any works daily 5$ t0 30 $ How can you start making money without any works with sort links 3 way,s free earning for example links sharing social media or other,s and affiliate programs. first crested a Account any web site shrink a links postRead More →

Pelaminan adalah tempat yang sudah di hias sedemikian rupa dan di jadikan tempat duduk pengantin atau orang sering menyebutnya raja sehari. sungguh menjad suatu kebanggaan apabila eorang pria atau wanita mampu menyiapkan Pelamin yang bagus dan mewah, namun tidak semua orang mampu melakukan itu. tapi mareka juga menyesuaikan dengan kemampuannya.Read More →

Kari kambing merupakan salah satu makanan (sayur) kari yang hampir semua warung nasi di Aceh Menyediakan kari kambing. kari kambin ini juga menjadi salah satu ciri khas makanan yang ada di Aceh. hampir semua masyarakat Aceh pernah merasakan sayur kari kambing ini.di setiap daerah di Aceh Cara Memasak Kari KambingRead More →

Hello Dear Steemians and Users, Today I wanted to show you in some quick screenshots How you can purchase some Steem That Token in simple steps and within two minutes. First you need to go to the Buy Token -Page on Then click on the Coinpayments Button TypeRead More →