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Blog Identity Intervention Underway

For Dissemination to Stishit Membership…please bear with me while I make some blogging/identity changes. While some folks might experience a “mid-life crisis,” I have been experiencing an online identity crisis. I originally started out here as “Retired in Samar” because of my long-time blog of the same name. Since I have decided to enjoy living on two separate Pacific islands, I felt the need to re-name the blog (the purist in me told me to...


Came Here From Steemit

hello everyone, I came here from a site called Steemit. I really liked it, until recently. I became a victim of down vote abuse from trolls. I did nothing to deserve the hate, all I wanted to do was share my content with the world and I got a bunch of hate. My post even got hidden by people with enough SP, I couldn’t take the hate anymore, so I made another account to hide...


Let’s play before we sleep

A pilot was told to transfer mad people from Nigeria to U.S.A. He agreed and carried them in his plane. Every place was so noisy. Later one of the mad men approached the pilot and said to him “please can you teach me how to fly the aeroplane? The pilot replied, I will teach you how to fly if you will tell your friends to stop making noise. The mad man went in, after some...



I got to the Airport to board a flight to Abuja. Suddenly, I saw an elderly woman complaining about her stolen phone. I went close to see if I could help. Immediately she saw my phone, she told the crowd that it was her phone which was an iPhone 5. For a moment I was so surprised, shocked and so confused. She held and slapped me. The crowd attempted to beat me up but luckily...


Simple philosophy of Life & time!

My favourite quote about life “Life is like ice, use it before it melts” My teachers repeatedly teach me that life (& also time) is like ice whether we use it or not it melts, so we should better use it before it melts completely.Time is also slipping away like ice is melting away, so we should not waste our precious moments of life & try our best to use them in not only the...


That’s why I’m here

My friend keep telling me to joint stishit sice I don’t have a passion to post at steemit. He told me that at stishit we can get reward more and easier than at steemit so here I’m to prove it.


Pantai Lhok Seudu

Pantai Lhok Seudu saat ini tengah menjadi salah satu destinasi wisata yang lagi hits di kalangan masyarakat Aceh yang terletak di kawasan Kabupaten Aceh Besar tepat nya di desa Teupin Layeu, Kecamatan Leupung. Dengan deretan pondok-pondok nya yang indah di pinggir pantai membuat pantai Lhok Seudu terlihat begitu mempesona laksana pesisir pantai Maldives.



SAPI di Indonesia kalau kita mau simak banyak hal yang dapat kita pikirkan jika melihat SAPI. contohnya susu sapi, telur mata sapi, sapi perahan, silahkan komentar sapi apa lagi yang kalian ketahui.? sapi selain itu banyak dimamfaatkan untuk di jadikan Qurban, selain itu sapi sangat banyak terdapat di Indonesia, bahkan setiap acara makan-makan SAPi juga yang dijadikan korban.


Free Auto Bitcoin Earning tricks & Tips 2018

How to free online Earn you Billion Bitcoin Satoshes ?  So friends Let us start tips and tricks that how  can you online free earning money very fast or relabel  today I tell you all About method online earning free bitcoin some one Automatic making money example you say to Autopilot any how Automatic means without any works on site for example mining  sites mining sites is very benefit sites but you choice trusted paying site some site...


Copyright Videos tricks 2018 for YouTube channels

Hi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motion...


saya mulai hari ini

Setiap hari saya jumpa dengan kawan saya selalu pertanyaan yang sama di lontarkan,”sudah mulai post” ada buat aktivitas apa hari ini stishit?  



Hai stishitians My name is Subhan Azzikra, I dont know but I like to know more about SteemThat,nice to meet you


Buerger Disease

Kebiasaan merokok ternyata bisa mengakibatkan gangguan kesehatan yang sangat fatal bagi kesehatan tubuh manusia, hal ini disebabkan didalam rokok mengandung lebih dari 4000 zat, dan parah nya lagi ternyata 200 zat di antaranya berbahaya bagi kesehatan manusia. Zat Nikotin, tar dan karbon monoksida merupakan racun utama yang sangat berbahaya yang terdapat dalam sebatang rokok. Disamping itu kebiasaan merokok juga dapat menimbulkan kanker mulut, kanker paru dan penyakit pembuluh darah. Salah satu penyakit langka yang ditimbulkan...



Papaya is a fruit that is very sweet and easy to be found throughout the region in Indonesia. Carica Papaya L is the latin name of a lot of papaya contains Vitamin C which is very good for the health of our eyes. Besides the sweet fruit is also very to facilitate defecation. In addition to his many benefits of papaya seeds turned out also can be used for patients with cholesterol because seeds of...


Free online earning Without works

how to free Earns without any works daily 5$ t0 30 $ How can you start making money without any works with sort links 3 way,s free earning for example links sharing social media or other,s and affiliate programs. first crested a Account any web site shrink a links post any wen blog. Signup today now?  More free earning to visit now this links. Tahnk you.



Kesuksesan akan diraih dan didapatkan jika kita mampu disiplin dalam memperoleh apa yang kita inginkan. displin merupakan bisa diartikan untuk mencapai kesuksesan. jadi jika kamu mau sukses jadilah dirimu orang yang disiplin. jangan abaikan disiplin jika ini kalian lakukan maka kehamcuran cita-cita akan kalian alami. oke sobat stishit budayakan disiplin dalam setiap kehidupanmu.


Hello Steemthat

Hello, I am new to steemit and stishit. Just join the website and several groups. I am a pastor for a chinese church in SC, USA. Hope to know more Christians here.



Greetings Members of SteemThat and Team. my name is Duma Sari, I’m a blogger, trader, and vestor at @steemit #steemit I am a member of the Aceh Aces team to support Eric Binkley and the SteemThat Team. Together Let us Grow.


Early Morning Light – Original Music by Darren Claxton @mrbloom

Early Morning Light was written as I came out of the depression that had plagued me for so long. I opened the curtains one morning and thought to myself, how lucky I really was to have such an amazing support network of people around me, the place we live in and for actually waking up breathing! If you wake up in the morning, it’s a bonus, you’re lucky to be alive because, someone, somewhere in...



Hi good people of stishit, am Emeka Segun a Nigerian, I love sports, am an enthusiasts. Love to meet unique people, am an admirer, calm. Am into electrical installations, comedy,sports, Internet, etc.. Entertainment is my keyword. Cryptocurrency to me has brought humanity back together via social platform compared to non crypto platform. Steemthat on the other hand is a great platform though now the growth is moving gradual but soonest its gonna pave way beyond...


Samurai and Baby Dragon

Hi, this is my first post here, I’m an artist working as Lead Artist at a game studio in Kuala Lumpur. I made this for a contest on Steemit recently, the theme was about a samurai with a baby dragon on his shoulder.  I did it in Photoshop, with a Wacom Intuos 3, in about 3 or 4 hours. Here are some process steps: Thanks for watching!  ?        



Im dylen de from Borneo Asia, 43 years old, there is not much to say about me.. Just an ordinary person who like adventure and making new things as leisure. Got no fix hobby too…I do anything that might interest me playing remote control drift car, Taking photograph of anything such as nature and interesting places. At the moment i like doing something about crypto-currencies and found out it can be a source for the...


@kalhiade: presentation of myself

Hello everyone <3 I’m from Belgium, My best friend @Sensistar showed me @Steemit  and now @SteemThat .. and I accepted directly to join him (and you also) I’m passionate by the music (i’m DJ ? ), the photography, I love drawing and i’m happy to see finally the world is changing   The music … the first of my passions: The only thing I can trust: it keeps me from thinking , empty my mind...


Who Am I

If you curious minds are wondering Who I am well its about time I let you know. I am a wife and mother to 2 little boys. I am the founder of Steemthat @binkley’s wife of almost 6 years. Our sons are Rhet and Atticus. We met in El Paso Texas after knowing each other a few months we married. We traveled all over Texas during our first year of marriage. We lived in San...


Hello Steem That Posts

My First Post Using The New Write Posts On Steem That Tool… This tool has been available for a while but was buried as it had issues. Recently @webresultat published 2 posts on Steem That.  One he published in German And One In English showing how easy it is to buy Steem That Tokens. (Wondering how I linked your profile? It doesn’t auto do that yet like it does in the Community Feed. Maybe one...