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Some people share stories about wildlife and animals and others about forest and adventures to remote lands.


Typhoon Preparedness Priorities

Some days you must pay the piper when living in a tropical paradise, and today is that day for us here on the island of Guam in the Western Pacific. This afternoon, we are literally hunkered down while Typhoon Mangkhut passes just to our north across the Marianas Island chain. The eye of the typhoon is just under 100 km to our north and thankfully, this typhoon has weakend slightly as it makes its approach...


The “Flame Tree.”

“Flame Tree.” We happen to have a couple of them within view of our kitchen window here on Guam. Referred to as “Botanical Rubies,” Delonix regia, the flame tree, is a species of flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of flowers. You can find them In the continental United States in Central and Southern Florida, and in the Rio Grande Valley of...


Old Rhine near Oberhausen

Within a radius of 25 km around my village there are a total of 164 waters and stretches of water. I took this picture in the Rhine floodplains near Oberhausen.  The Rhine floodplains are also called the Amazon of Germany.


What Goes Around Comes Around

Mussels harvested from the Puget Sound are testing positive for opioids. The source of the drug is coming from treated sewage water being returned to the Sound. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration estimates that 300 pounds of pharmaceuticals, personal care products and industrial compounds are introduced in to the Sound on a daily basis. Mussels are filter feeder and they don’t metabolize opioids. As they filter water that they need to obtain nutrients they also...


Jund (Prosopis cineraria): Its propagation and uses

Jund (ProsopIs cineraria) can only be propagated by seed). Its directly be sown through seed or this is raised in nursery in polythene tubes which is sown as under. First of all its seed is soaked and then planted in polythene tubes and after five days it started emerging. When it gains the above mentioned height it is able to transplant at a required place. As shown in the picture, it can be grown in...


Eucalyptus camaldulensis; A Fast Growing Tree Specie

Its botanical name is Euclyptus camaldulensis . It is a fast growing specie. It must be grown in water logged soils. It evaporates much of the under ground water. It has many benefits, which i will elaborate one by one as follows: It is a fast growing plant specie which is able to provide early income to farmer. Its propagation is easy and only from seed. Its seed is sown in polythene tubes then then...


Kikar (Acacia nilotica) Plantation on sailaba land near river bank

Kikar (Acacia nilotica) plant has the ability to with stand under flooded area . In these areas these tree plantation helps to reduce soil erosion by water (water erosion). This tree specie can survive in water for several days and weeks. This picture shows the situation of Acacia nilotica (kikar) plantation after the flood passed away. As i mentioned this tree can with stand in flood also. If we plant it near river banks, it...


Tamarix aphylla: A safty of railway lines during wind storms

Tamarix aphylla is a good and suitable shelter belt of railway lines, because it is a fast growing and drought tolerant specie, therefore it can be propagated and grown well and easily along railway lines. It is a safety of railway tracks by sand dune shifting, because during summer season these sand dunes shifted on the tracks and due to this any accident can occur which will be a dangerous. These are so important and...


Tamarix aphylla

Tamarix aphylla Tamarix aphylla is botanical name of Ghaz, Toolha and khagal (these are its local names). This plant is suitable for shelter belt plantation. It is a fast growing tree specie. Its plantation is easy. It is drought tolerant plant. Tamarix aphylla saves crops and fruit trees from strong winds and wind storm. It reduces the wind erosion which is the main problem of sandy desserts.Its plantation stops shifting of sand dunes, which causes...


Tradisi meugang Aceh

Selamat siang sahabat stishit…   Bagi masyarakat Aceh pada umumnya dalam menyambut bulan suci Ramadhan ada suatu sebuah tradisi khusus yaitu meugang atau makmeugang yang sudah berlangsung sejak 400 tahun yang lalu. Biasanya dua hari sebelum puasa, masyarakat Serambi Mekkah Aceh membeli daging lembu atau daging kerbau untuk dimasak kemudian disantap bersama keluarga. Meskipun pada saat meugang harga daging tergolong mahal, namun hal tersebut tidak menjadi persoalan bagi masyarakat Tanah Rencong karena jauh-jauh hari masyarakat...


Dalbergia Sisoo: A high quality wood

Itsbotanical name is Dalbergia sisoo. It provides a dense shade during summer and saves the people from scorching heat..Its plant  life of harvesting is sixty years. At this stage it gives highest profit and strong wood. At this stage its wood is pithy. This wood is not attacked by termites and other insects. Its used in making of house as well as furniture. Its furniture is so beautiful, long life and costly. Its wood is...


Tagar #2019GantiPresiden

Menjelang Pemilihan presiden tahun 2019 dinamika politik di Indonesia semakin ramai terutama sejak munculnya tagar #2019GantiPresiden, muncul nya tagar ini menuai pro dan kontra dikalangan masyarakat, sebagian pihak menilai hastag itu sebagai aspirasi politik masyarakat menjelang Pemilu dan sebagian pihak yang lain menilai sebagai manuver politik dan tentunya kemunculan tagar #2019GantiPresiden akan membuat proses demokrasi politik di Indonesia akan lebih indah jika disikapi dengan benar dan membuat kompetesi pemilihan presiden 2019 akan lebih hidup. Yang...


Night Time Surf Glows

Over the past few days, a red tide appeared off the coast of San Diego. The red tide is caused by an algae bloom in the water near the area where salty sea water meets with freshwater. The tide contains large concentrations of aquatic microorganisms. Some of the microorganisms are bioluminescent phytoplankton. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. If you ever came across fireflies, lightening bugs or glowworms, you...


Air Terjun

Bireuen merupakan salah satu kabupaten di wilayah Provinsi Aceh diapit oleh Kota Lhokseumawe, Kabupaten Bener Meriah dan Aceh Tengah yang terkenal dengan keindahan pantai dan wisata kuliner. Ternyata Kabupaten yang beribukota di Bireuen ini menyimpan pesona alam yang tersembunyi dibalik lebatnya hutan dan tebing yang menjulang. Source Salah satu pesona alam yang tersembunyi dan masih sangat alami masih terjaga kelestariannya adalah Air Terjun Ceuraceu, sebuah air terjun yang memiliki tujuh tingkatan dan air jernih yang mengalir...


Manfaat Jambu Biji

Jambu biji memiliki  kandungan vitamin C yang tinggi sekitar 275 g sehingga dapat memenuhi kebutuhan vitamin C dalam satu buah, Jambu biji merupakan buah yang umum dijumpai di wilayah Asia. Memiliki bentuk bulat dengan daging buah berwarna putih atau merah dan didalam daging buahnya terdapat banyak biji-biji kecil. Banyak nutrisi baik terkandung dalam jambu biji. Di dalam jambu biji juga mengandung 3 kali lipat protein dan 30 kalori lebih banyak serta memiliki serat 4 kali lebih...


Manfaat daun sirsak

Sirsak dengan nama latin Annona muricata merupakan buah yang berasal dari Amerika Selatan, Asia tenggara, dan Afrika. Selain buah nya yang mempunyai banyak manfaat ternyata daun sirsak juga memiliki manfaat bagi kesehatan antara lain untuk Kolesterol, Asam Urat, Kanker dan lain-lain. Mencegah dan mengobati Asam Urat Rebus daun sirsak dalam 2 gelas air dan didihkan sampai satu cangkir air dan minum segera serta untuk hasil terbaik usahakan dikonsumsi rutin dua kali sehari, pagi dan malam hari....


Wisata Gunung Salak Aceh

Gunung Salak yang terletak di kilometer 31 (dari pusat Kota Lhokseumawe) Kecamatan Nisam Antara, Kabupaten Aceh Utara menjadi kawasan objek wisata baru terutama bagi masyarakat Lhokseumawe, Aceh Utara, Bener Meriah, Bireuen dan Kabupaten Aceh Tengah. Objek wisata gunung salak berada di kawasan perbukitan di antara Kabupaten Aceh Utara dan Kabupaten Bener Meriah. Jalan yang membelah pengunungan dan rimba belantara ini merupakan jalan yang dibangun oleh PT Kertas Kraft Aceh (KKA) yang digunakan untuk mengangkut kayu...


Kachnar benefits

Its botanical name is Bauhinia variegata. It has many health benefits. Its flower buds are used as a vegetable. It can be cooked with chicken, mutton, beef , potato and with peas. This plant is variety/specie of flowering tree. It looks so beautiful when at bloom. These flowers has good aesthetic value. Its buds are cooked before flowering and so tasty having enormous health benefits. It is good for stomach health and regulates blood pressure...


Iple Iple: A Nutritive Fodder Shrub and Tree

Iple Iple is a fodder shrub (when pruned every year) and fodder tree if not heavily pruned. It provides fodder for livestock, fire wood and also used for furniture. Its botanical name is Leucaena leucocephala. Its leaves and pods are high in crude protein. Its fodder is used mostly during lean periods. Its also known as a leguminous tree because it is rich in protein and minerals. It is a nutritive and palatable tree. It...



Sobat stishit semua, kapur dan sirih plis pinang adalah makanan tradisional nenek moyang kita yang hingga saat ini masih banyak orang yang suka makan sirih, selain itu sirih dapat juga sebagai penganti orang yang suka hisap rokok. makan merupakan makan khas orang-orang sebelum kita selain dapat menguatkan gigi sirih juga dapat mencegah bau mulut, dan memiliki khasiat yang sangat baik untuk kesehatan tubuh kita. hingga saat ini masyarakat di Indonesia masih suka makan sirih khususnya...


Siris: A multipurpose tree specie

8 minutes ago Its botanical name is Albizia lebbek but locally people call it siris or shrinh. It is a multipurpose tree specie and it has many uses. Its every thing is used. There are following uses are most common in our society. Used as a shade in summer It provides dense shade during summer. When summer starts the hot and desiccating winds blown so during that time siris has a dense shade and people...


Photography in Spring – Microblog

Photography in spring   Spring is an incredibly beautiful time of the year and is always a good idea to have a camera in your pocket. The best camera you can ever own is the one in your pocket! yes that’s right, your mobile phone! I’m lucky to own a Huawei P10 with duel Leica Lenses which produces stunning pictures. Here’s a small selection of my spring and early summer pics.   .  



Bougenville atau bunga kertas yang berasal dari Amerika memiliki mahkota bunga yang sangat tipis dan kaku sekilas sangat mirip dengan lembaran kertas namun menyimpan keindahan yang sangat luar biasa. Bougenville biasanya ditanam sebagai tanaman hias dan dapat tumbuh didaerah tropis mulai daerah pantai sampai daerah pegunungan.Bougenville sangat mudah tumbuh dengan cara yang sederhana yaitu cara distek juga bisa dengan teknik sambung putus. Keindahan bunga kertas sudah sangat dikenal karena memiliki beragam warna antara lain ungu,...


Buerger Disease

The habit of smoking could result in health problems turned out to be very fatal to the health of the human body, it is caused in the cigarettes contain more than 4000 substances, and severe his else turns out to 200 substance of which are harmful to human health. Substances nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide is a very dangerous main toxins found in cigarette. Beside that, the habit of smoking can also cause cancer of...


Top health benefits of Green Tea. (part 1)

Green tea has innumerous health benefits. There are many varieties of green tea in the world. More or less all the varieties have common benefits. These are as follows; 1. Curing of Stomach Problems. • As stomach is the main part of humane body, because all the food items we eat are digested in the stomach and energy is produced for the function of all body parts, therefore it would be true that the green...



Sobat stishit, kehadiran sesuatu yang indah membuat diri kita mendapatkan suatu kedaimaian dalam diri seseorang, kita sebenarnya dapat hidup dengan damai jika hidup kita selalu dihiasa keindahan. Keindahan itu sendiri mampu membuat kita memikirkan sesuatu yang dapat membangkitkan imajinasi kita kearah positive, hidup ini indah jika kita menikmati hidup ini dengan kedamaian tanpa ada beban, apapun masalah yang kita hadapi, jika kita membawanya kearah kebaikan maka hidup ini jadi indah, sesuatu yang tidak enak sekalipun...


Jambu Air

Selamat malam sahabat stishit, salam bahagia dan sejahtera semoga malam ini semua masih dalam keadaan sehat dan kita semua dalam lindungan Allah SWT. Dalam postingan yang sangat sederhana ini saya ingin berbagi beberapa foto si jambu air yang ada dihalaman rumah yang siap di panen. Foto ini saya ambil menggunakan kamera HP Lenovo A6000.


Moringa as a Fodder

Moringa oleifera used in different ways and have enormous health benefits. It is used as fodder for small ruminants and also for large animals. Its leaves and especially pods are rich in protein and vitamins. Its foliage is used during fodder scarcity periods.


Where the words “Tea” and “Chai” came from?

In different regions of the globe people Usually use different words for tea but there are some amazing similarities in these words because almost all of these words are derived from only two origins. Why they call it these particular words? there are particular reasons & history behind these words. Some call it “tea” while others call it “cha” or “chai” & they have two groups & both have Chinese origin. Recent studies show that...



WHAT IS MIND The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. “a lot of thoughts ran through my mind This 2 Steps Shows how to use your mind as powerful weapon Find a quite ,safe and comfortable place you can use your bedroom as long as you comfortable , turnoff the light close your eyes,...


All is well

All is well pressemman (29) in poet •  3 hours ago The world is topsy-turvy You don’t know what to do Just believe that All is well You are afraid Of what your tomorrow will be Just be sure that All is well Not that all will be well Be rest assured It will soon manifest All is well All cannot be well Except you do your best Then I assure you All is well...


Pendidikan Keluarga

One of the responsibilities of parents towards the child is giving Education in the family, in this case the mother’s role is certainly crucial.Although the role of the Father is also very important, especially as the minimal model and the guidelines.Families who apply family education can result in individuals the child being good.Education within the family can provide a major influence on the character of the child.Therefore the key to making a good personal mainly...



Am a Shepherd, I took my flock of sheep to a grassy lowland . Am rich, for my animals fetched me a good price in the market , I liked to be funny and people often laughed at my jokes. One day I became bored and I wanted to have some fun,so I ran to the village shouting Wolf!!! Wolf !!! Wolf!!The villagers ran to help me when they heard the alarm ,They thought that...


Moringa: Main health benefits

Its botanical name is Moringa oleifera. The propagation is through seed and from vegetative parts. Green tea of its leaves is beneficial for sugar patients. It is antioxidants and bio-active plant compound. Its fresh leaves juice is organic growth enhancer. Its flower buds and pods are used as vegetable which is rich in vitamins. It lowers down the blood sugar. It is beneficial for lowering of blood cholesterol. Image source:


PAYMENT PROOF of app that will mine btc for you 100%real

100%real oyinkan (45) in altcoin •  6 days ago SlideCoin™ Bitcoin Lock Screen – Android Apps on Google Play It is a bitcoin miner which uses the spare processing power of your device to mine Bitcoin How to earn through this app download slide coin on playstore. While doing registering with the app it will ask for refferer code In put this as your referrer code jul587 NOTE: its important to use referrer code With...


Rose; a Miracle of God

The botanical name of Rose is ***Rosa indica***. Its propagation is through roots and mostly by stumps. It is a so beautiful and has high class asthetic value. Its an integral part of beautiful park, garden and house lawns. Its stumps or roots were planted at the start of spring season (february). Its heavily pruned at the end of summer season because rose is heavily sprouted during spring and bears enormous flowers then looks so...



Lemon belong to the Kingdom: plantae Genus:citrus Species :C.limon Lemons are rich in vitamin C Benefit of lemon it is use for weight loss remedy. Lemon Water Flushes Out Toxins And Is Extremely Beneficial For The Body Warm lemon water serves as the perfect ‘good morning drink’, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea, by ensuring...



Citrullus Lanatus Tunb is the latin name of the fruit watermelon which ia a type of fresh fruit that has a moisture content of quite a lot of which is about 92%. There are two types of watermelon fruit we know in Indonesia, red and yellow watermelon types. In this watermelon fruit lots of nutrients include vitamins, minerals and organic compounds.Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin B6, potassium, protein, fiber and others contained in the fruit watermelon...



Coconut belong to kingdom plantae Family Arecaceae Genus cocos Specie nucifera Unlike some other plants, the palm treehas neither a tap root nor root hairs, but has a fibrous root system Coconuts are known for their versatility ranging from food to cosmetics The palm produces both the female and male flowers on the same inflorescence; thus, the palm is monoecious . Benefit of coconut. Coconut Oil Contains Fatty Acids With Potent Medicinal Properties Coconut Oil Can Increase Fat Burning Obesity is one of the...


Pencerahan dari Senior

Upacara bendera senin yang merupakan rutinitas setiap senin pagi sebelum proses belajar mengajar di SMA Negeri 5 Lhokseumawe hari ini dengan pembina upacara Ibu Mardiana, S.Pd yang merupakan salah seorang guru senior yang mengampu mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris. Beliau saat ini menjabat sebagai wakil kepala sekolah bidang sarana dan prasarana yang beberapa bulan kedepan akan memasuki masa purna tugas (memasuki masa pensiun). Dalam arahan di pagi yang sangat bersahabat ini beliau menyampaikan sedikit pencerahan kepada...


Simple philosophy of Life & time!

My favourite quote about life “Life is like ice, use it before it melts” My teachers repeatedly teach me that life (& also time) is like ice whether we use it or not it melts, so we should better use it before it melts completely.Time is also slipping away like ice is melting away, so we should not waste our precious moments of life & try our best to use them in not only the...



Dewi Kunti dikenal sebagai ibu dari lima bersaudara yaitu: Bima, Arjuna, Yudistira, Nakula dan Sadewa. Yang kita kenal dengan Pandawa Lima. Namun foto yang sempat saya ambil disini adalah Patung Dewi Kunti dan yang kita bahas sedikit adalah masalah Dewi Kunti. foto Patung Dewi Kunti yang saya ambil di jalan menuju Pantai Pandawa Bali, oke sobat stishit, Ayah Kunti adalah Raja Surasena dari Wangsa Yadawa, dan saat bayi ia diberi nama Pritha. Ia merupakan adik...


Drawing Liga Eropa 2018

Undian atau hasil drawing semifinal kompetesi Liga Eropa 2018 yang digelar di kantor pusat UEFA di kota Nyon, Swiss mempertemukan dua tim yang paling diunggulkan Arsenal vs Atletico Madrid dan Marseille vs RB Salzburg di babak empat besar. Kedua laga semifinal leg pertama tersebut akan dilangsungkan pada tanggal 27 April 2018 untuk merebut dua tiket ke babak final yang akan berlangsung di Lyon Perancis


River Transport

Tahukah sobat stishit sungai pada zaman dahulu dijadikaan sarana transportasi yang selalu di mamfaatkan oleh masyarakat. Walau saat ini hanya sedikit sungai di jadikan sarana tranportasi, mungkin hal ini disebabkan semakin cangih alat transportasi lain yang digunakan masyarakat dan memiliki nilai ekonomis sehingga banyak sudah masyarakat sekarang yang meningalkan transportasi air sungat Sungai saat ini pun sudah semakin tidak ramah lingkungan lagi airnya yang sangat kotor akibat dari penebangan pohon oleh orang yang tidak bertanggung...



Kabupaten Bireuen merupakan salah satu kabupaten termuda di Provinsi Aceh yang terletak lebih kurang 220 km dari Ibukota Provinsi Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Kabupaten yang beribukota di Kota Bireuen ini resmi menjadi wilayah otonomi sejak tanggal 12 Oktober 1999 yang merupakan hasil pemekaran dari Kabupaten Aceh Utara sebagai kabupaten induk. Kota Bireuen yang terkenal dengan julukan kota juang saat ini mengalami perkembangan yang sangat pesat, apalagi kota ini sangat strategis karena terletak diantara Kota Lhokseumawe, Takengon...



BAYERN MUENCHEN (JERMAN) Juara bertahan bundesliga Jerman ini lolos ke semifinal setelah di babak perempat final menyingkirkan tim spanyol Sevilla dengan agregat 2 – 1. Setelah mempermalukan Sevilla di Stadion Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan di leg pertama pada leg kedua di kandang sendiri stadion Allianz Arena, Muenchen ditahan imbang tanpa gol. REAL MADRID (SPANYOL) Tim unggulan dari Spanyol sebagai juara bertahan liga champion Real Madrid lolos kesemifinal secara dramatis unggul agregat 4 – 3 atas tim...



Papaya, pepaya atau orang ada yang menyebutnya dengan Kates ya terserahlah orang mau menyebutnya apa, yang terpenting adalah kita coba menjelaskan beberapa mamfaat dari pepaya, pepaya ini pada umumnya di mamfaatkan oleh orang untuk sayuran, namun belakangan ini pepaya sudah digunakan hampir untuk segala macam kebutuhan lain seperti untuk kecantikan, diet, sayuran, dan kesehatan dan lain-lain. setiap 1 buat pepaya dengan ukuran standar mengandung lebih kurang 120 kalori, 30 gram kabohidrat, 5 gram serat dan...


A Beautiful Caterpillar

Ulat yang Indah, sobat stishit saya tanpa sengaja pada tahun yang lalu depan rumah mau pergi kerja tanpa saya sadari saya melihat ada ulat kemudian anak saya mau memukul saya mencegahnya. kemudian saya ambil kamera untuk memfoto. tapi maaf kamera kurang jelas. saya tetarik melihat warna dan mata yang indah.saya biarkan ulat hilang begitu saja entah kemana. yang tinggal cuma fotonya. sepengetahuan saya ulat ini salah satu ulat pemakan daun mungkin jenisnya berbeda. kalau ada...



Kelapa merupakan sejenis tumbuhan yang bisa kita katakan hapir semua bagiannya bermamfaat bagi kita, baik itu buahnya, daun, batang, akar, sabut, dan batok kelapa, semua bisa bermamfaat bagi kehidupan manusia. namun semua ini bisa terjadi tergantung bagaimana manusia itu agar mampu mengolah sumber daya alam yang dianugrahkan oleh Tuhan Ynag Maha Esa untuk umat manusia ini, walau kadang manusia juga ingkar terhadapnya. kemurnia dan kesgaran air kelapa hingga saat ini belum ada yang menandinginya, dan...



Salam sehat dan bahagia selalu buat teman-teman SteemThat, kali ini saya penasaran dengan apa yang saya lihat di pagar warga yang tiap hari saya lalui untuk antar anak pergi sekolah dan setiap hari saya melihat pagar yang menurut saya orang yang punya rumah kreatif sekali. buktinya dia sanggup membuat bunga di pagar rumah memodifikasi seperti burung, luar biasa kan sobat stishit, dan saya yakin yang punya rumah memiliki nilai seni tinggi juga kesabaran dalam menjaga...