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The most asked question that people ask is, “What is Stishit?” This is usually followed up with, “How Can I Win By Using It?” or “How Do I Use Stishit?” First, let’s be clear, we are in beta and have been testing a few concepts. Our main mission and goal from the beginning was and is to “HELP PEOPLE GROW!” We are pruning the website and some features to help everyone stay focused on this.Read More →


With regards to the question, “How much is Stish worth and Stish Credits?” let me be 100% clear. Stish Credits are like a points system. They have no cash value whatsoever. They are not redeemable for cash. You can buy them but they are not convertible to cash or a fiat $. They are used as a means to allow us to reward members for being active on the platform. With that said Stish CreditsRead More →

SteemThat Mobile App Launched On Google Play Store For Android Smart Devices In Limited Markets. With months of development completed and a solid road map planned for development. Achievement after achievement continues to take place. The only bad news is that the lead developer Eric Binkley did not think to add an achievement badge for building arguably one of the best social networking websites in modern history. With the announcement of so many added featuresRead More →

Stishit Launches Markdown And Hashtags In The Community Social Portal For many this is not a shock as we have talked about doing this for some time. The decision to start unveiling some of our most sought after features prior to the token event hopefully will inspire many to support the platform. Stishit hashtags are very cool as users can use them in the Community Social Portal Feed and this will allow other members toRead More →



Crypto Isn’t Always An Easy Thing To Explain. But This Graphic Helps Explain Stish In As Few Words As Possible. If you are trying to wrap your head around the whole cryptocurrency revolution you are not alone. It is complex and sophisticated but you can learn enough about it to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Once you get the basic fundamentals of most digital currencies you will be in great company. Bitcoin was the founder reallyRead More →

The Growth Of Is Through The Roof! Not everyone would be jumping up and down at the fact that their web servers almost crashed and that the QA guy and other debuggers were in panic mode.I think almost everyone was in all hands on deck let’s figure things out fast more. Many have been freaking out. This type of growth is why you love me and! Ok, the truth I was freaking outRead More →


The Community Keeping The Spirit Of Helping Steemians Grow, Announces Bombshell Shocking News With Steemish Token Event! Steemish is traded under the symbol Stish and many are talking about the most influential token event of 2018. Steemit is a blogging platform that rewards writers with crypto currency when other members of the community in a Reddit style approach support their content. Minnows have a huge barrier to entry as they often do not haveRead More →

The founder of and Steemish Tokens, Eric Binkley envisioned a fair and equitable rewards platform for works performed. Unlike some platforms where members earn rewards based on how many tokens they hold already, EPOS was developed as Equitable Proof Of Stake. Equitable Proof Of Stake rewards for tasks,needing to be performed, are set as needed and clearly published and defined and not determined by how much you already possess. EPOS is more fair toRead More →