Bruce Lee – Kung Fu/Wing Chun Legend – source Bruce Lee was a famous martial artist, actor, and philosopher who was born on November 27th, 1940 in Chinatown, San Francisco. He was raised in Hong Kong, but later returned to the United States for college where he studied philosophy at the University of Washington. Bruce Lee began teaching martial arts, and opened his own school where he trained some of Hollywood’s leading men. It wasRead More →

Breathe – Being Played This Evening on ‘BBC INTRODUCING’ here in the EAST MIDLANDS UK!! darrenclaxton (63) in dsound •  yesterday You can hear the show from 8pm UK time Here Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to my song BREATHE!I awoke to one of the best emails ever this morning!My little song has been chosen for BBC INTRODUCING radio show this evening here in the EAST MIDLANDS UK. For those of you unfamiliar with the BBC (you should know who they are) and theRead More →

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sukses menaklukkan rival terdekatnya sekaligus juara bertahan Liga Prancis, AS Monaco, dengan skor yang sangat telak 7-1 sehingga berhasil tampil sebagai juara Ligue 1 Prancis 2018. Walaupun liga baru memasuki pekan ke-33 namun PSG sudah menyegel juara dan keunggulan poin 87 tidak mungkin lagi dikejar lawan-lawannya. Pada Pertarungan di Stadion Parc des Princes di Kota Paris pada Senin pagi WIB 16 April 2018 itu tuan rumah PSG membuat tim tamu AS MonacoRead More →

Persiraja Banda Aceh sukses mengamankan tiga angka dalam kompetisi Liga 2 Indonesia 2018 setelah di pertandingan pekan ke-4 sukses menundukkan tim tamu Persis Solo 1-0 di Stadion H Dimurthala Banda Aceh Jumat 11 Mei 2018. Gol tunggal kemenangan Persiraja Banda Aceh dicetak oleh Hapidin. Dengan kemenangan ini tuan rumah Persiraja naik ke peringkat 2 klasemen sementara Liga 2 dengan poin 7. Bagi Persis Solo ini merupakan kekalahan beruntun kedua tour Aceh setelah dipertandingan sebelumnya ditundukkanRead More →

Random Videos Yes!! Sometimes, I’m random and like to just post things for the pure hell of it. There’s nothing X-rated here so don’t be scared!!       We all have some random videos online since signing up to various social media sites. I’d like to share a few of mine for sheer entertainment. Please let me know what your favourite clip is.         Thanks for dropping by for some lightheartedRead More →

In 2016, Luke Pritchard and Jonny Laxton started up a streaming music channel on youtube. They discovered a youtube channel that could live stream low fidelity music. Another channel which was start about a year prior to Luke’s and Jonny’s channel was called College Music. In April 2015, the channel had 794 subscribers. After a month their subscribership grew to 18,440 and in April 2016 it grew to 98,110. These channels are run in aRead More →

Liga Inggris malam ini Minggu 29 April 2018 akan menampilkan pertandingan bigmatch antara dua tim elit Inggris Manchester United kontra Arsenal di stadion Old Trafford, Manchester dan akan berlangsung pada pukul 22.30 WIB yang disiarkan langsung di RCTI. Pertandingan ini akan menjadi adu gengsi antara dua pelatih dan untuk membuktikan siapa yang layak menjadi pelatih terhebat di Liga Inggris antara manajer Red DevilsManchester United Jose Mourinho dan arsitek The Gunners Arsenal Arsene Wenger. Arsene WengerRead More →

How to make Sweet And Spicy Popcorn. This recipe can serve 8, and is ready in 10 minutes. Ingredients What They Look Like 2.00 tablespoons canola oil 0.25 teaspoons cayenne pepper 0.25 cups corn syrup 0.50 cups popcorn kernels 1.00 cups roasted pork 0.25 teaspoons salt 1.00 cups sugar 8.00 tablespoons unsalted butter Cooking Instructions Step 1 Preheat oven to 250F. Mist 2 large, rimmed baking sheets with cooking spray. Step 2 In a large,Read More →

  Waiting On A Raincloud   Here’s my entry for Steemit Open Mic week 83   I wrote ‘Waiting on a Rain cloud this morning, whilst eating breakfast! As I looked out onto the garden, I saw birds feeding, bees flying and plants growing! Here in England six weeks ago, it was a bitter -5c and bitterly cold. This song is to remind us all of how beautiful nature and our planet really is. ThanksRead More →

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At some point in life, most of us will know what it is like to long for another person only for them to seemingly be unaware we exist. Unrequited love is painful, difficult and an unfortunate side effect of the human condition; and few of us ever honestly forget the people we have genuinely loved or desired. It is, therefore, no surprise that the mind, fuzzed with unrequited love and burning with desire, begins toRead More →

‘Friends’ is a story about people that you knew really well, haven’t seen in a long time but thank for all the memories you made and now share. I’ve moved around a few times during the past 15 years and met so many interesting lovely people along the way, that I’d like to call ‘friends’. ‘I wonder what they’re doing now, I’d like to find it out somehow and would you’? This verse in theRead More →

Undian semifinal Liga Champions 2018 mempertemukan dua tim raksasa Eropa antara Bayern Munchen melawan Real Madrid. Pertarungan leg pertama akan berlangsung di Stadion Allianz Arena, Munchen kandang tuan rumah Bayern Munchen pada Rabu 25 April 2018 atau Kamis 26 April 2018 dini hari WIB dan akan disiarkan secara langsung di SCTV mulai pukul 01.45 WIB. Pertandingan ini merupakan pertemuan yang ke-25 antara kedua tim, serta masing-masing tim sampai saat ini telah meraih 11 kemenangan danRead More →

Malam ini kembali pecinta si kulit bundar dimanjakan dengan tontonan berkelas semifinal Liga Champions 2018 leg pertama antara dua tim kuda hitam Liverpool menghadapi AS Roma. Setelah sukses menyingkirkan Manchester City dan FC Barcelona dibabak perempat final Liverpool vs AS Roma akan menjalani laga leg pertama semifinal Liga Champions 2018 di Stadion Anfield, Rabu 25 April 2018 dini hari nanti WIB. AS Roma tim dengan julukan Serigala Roma yang secara mengejutkan sukses menyingkirkan tim unggulanRead More →

 Steemit Open Mic Week 82 🎼– Original Song by @darrenclaxton – Inside Your Soul – This is my Open Mic entry for week 82 I recorded it for week 80 but it somehow got missed by the great OpenMic bot! I hope it’s OK to resubmit this song @luzcypher As I really put my heart and soul into it. Thanks as always to @luzcypher for this awesome brainchild of his! It really has opened so many doors forRead More →

WHAT IS MIND The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought. “a lot of thoughts ran through my mind This 2 Steps Shows how to use your mind as powerful weapon Find a quite ,safe and comfortable place you can use your bedroom as long as you comfortable , turnoff the light close your eyes,Read More →

It was bad enough that the president spoke in an international event where other nationalities were present, It was bad that President would speak so of younger Nigerians who put their lives on the line to install buhari goverment I am not surprised to see that kind of statement coming out from the mouth of so called President, because the government does not believe in the Nigerian youths from inception. “If you look at theRead More →

Resolve – Original Music by @darrenclaxton for @dsound and @steemit Resolve is a song about my childhood. Myself and little sister were raised my dad, something unheard of back in 1980, when our mother walked out on us all. There is still no reason why she did that, but I’ve not missed having her around because my dad is the GREATEST man I know, and my kids have an amazing mother so that is allRead More →

All is well pressemman (29) in poet •  3 hours ago The world is topsy-turvy You don’t know what to do Just believe that All is well You are afraid Of what your tomorrow will be Just be sure that All is well Not that all will be well Be rest assured It will soon manifest All is well All cannot be well Except you do your best Then I assure you All is wellRead More →

Sobat stishit membicarakan seni bukanlah yang asing lagi , seni sudah menjadi darah daging bagi manusia dengan seni manusia bisa menunjukkan jati diri sebagai manusia yang beradap, seni juga memberikan inspirasi dan inovasi bagi manusia, dengan mengetahui seni seseorang telah mampu menunjukkkan jati diri sekaligus eksistensi diri dalam pergaulan sosial. Berkreasi dan berinovasi dalam seni sebagai wujud pencarian jati diri manusia yang memiliki peradaban dalam memberikan suatu perubahan dengan damai. Seni juga mampu memberikan rasaRead More →

Delicate Calls is an ambient soundtrack of unknown genre. It has elements of Massive Attack and Portishead with that Trip-Hop kind of vibe. It was written as I improvised the String parts on my vintage Yamaha SY 88 synth. There were only 5 tracks used in total, the drums were a loop that I made using the inbuilt touch sensitive pads, on my Porta-Studio. Tambourine and Darbuka drum were played using real instruments. My vocalRead More →

Am a Shepherd, I took my flock of sheep to a grassy lowland . Am rich, for my animals fetched me a good price in the market , I liked to be funny and people often laughed at my jokes. One day I became bored and I wanted to have some fun,so I ran to the village shouting Wolf!!! Wolf !!! Wolf!!The villagers ran to help me when they heard the alarm ,They thought thatRead More →

ENLTE is just like Steemit you get reward by sharing your experience and uploading pictures,you will earn money when people like your post , 01 JuLy 2018 ENLTE will launch its beta internal exchange you will be able to spend and transfer ENLTE coin after the launch. First Decentralized social Internet which will transform everything we do today Download the app and join the revolution Earn upto 500 enlte coins on registration as aRead More →

Nesecito La Playa – ‘I need the beach’ is my musical offering for the Steemit Music League Challenge S2:R8 Latin Music. I’m loving the challenges here which really gets my many musical juices flowing, because I don’t just write vocal songs you know? I have other sides to my creativity. I wrote this track a while back with images of Latin America and the beaches of Mexico and Brazil. I’m a huge fan of Santana’sRead More →

In Flames was written towards the end of a rather strained relationship. Music was my only escape but my partner had other ideas, like trying to suppress my love for creativity and controlling when I could play or perform live. It was a weird time for me, but I look back now and think ‘Thanks for helping me to write some great songs’       In Flames on DSound     IN FLAMES IRead More →

Arsenal (Inggris), (Prancis), (Austria), dan Atletico Madrid (Spanyol) merupakan empat  tim yang berhasil lolos ke babak semifinal Liga Europa 2018. Arsenal lolos ke semifinal setelah menyingkirkan tim Rusia  CSKA Moskva dengan agregat 6-3. Olympique Marseille unggul agregat 5-3 atas tim Jerman RB Leipzig, sedangkan  Atletico Madrid melangkah ke babak empat besar liga eropa setelah mengandaskan perlawanan raksasa Portugal Sporting CP dengan keunggulan agregat 2-1. Sementara salah satu tim unggulan yang tersisa SS Lazio harus tersingkirRead More →

Undian atau hasil drawing semifinal kompetesi paling elite Eropa Liga Champions yang digelar di kantor pusat UEFA di kota Nyon, Swiss mempertemukan Bayern Munchen menghadapi Real Madrid pada leg pertama di Alianz Arena kandang Die Roten, Munchen pada tanggal 24 April. Pada laga lainnya, tuan rumah The Red Liverpool akan bertanding di kandang sendiri stadion Anfield pada leg pertama menantang wakil serie A Italia, AS Roma pada tanggal 25 April. Sedangkan semifinal leg kedua akan digelar pada tanggal 1 – 2 Mei 2018.Read More →

Kabupaten Bireuen merupakan salah satu kabupaten termuda di Provinsi Aceh yang terletak lebih kurang 220 km dari Ibukota Provinsi Banda Aceh, Indonesia. Kabupaten yang beribukota di Kota Bireuen ini resmi menjadi wilayah otonomi sejak tanggal 12 Oktober 1999 yang merupakan hasil pemekaran dari Kabupaten Aceh Utara sebagai kabupaten induk. Kota Bireuen yang terkenal dengan julukan kota juang saat ini mengalami perkembangan yang sangat pesat, apalagi kota ini sangat strategis karena terletak diantara Kota Lhokseumawe, TakengonRead More →


Selling My Music For Stish and Crypto-Currencies I’m steadily understanding the Stish protocol and how it will help to support me and my music in the future. With the popularity of Cryptocurrencies and impending doom of the once fruitful money cow that are the record labels, I’d like to offer my EP for sale here on Steemthat.   SteemThat and Stish have gotten me very excited regarding the future development of my creative musical world.Read More →

Tim asal Italia AS Roma yang dianggap kuda hitam di liga champion 2018 dan kalah 1-4 pada pertemuan pertama dikandang Barcelona Camp Nou membuat kejutan besar di laga perempat final dengan menyisihkan Barcelona di stadion Olimpico Roma berkat agresivitas gol tandang. Tim Serigala AS Roma berhasil mengandaskan ambisi Barcelona lewat kemenangan telak 3-0 pada laga perempat final kedua tersebut. Pesta kemenangan AS Roma dibuka oleh tendangan Edin Dzeko pada awal pertandingan di menit keenam (6′)Read More →

‘Slowed By Notes’ is the second track from my EP ‘Never Grow Old’ All of my songs are recorded at home on my trusty old Zoom MRS 1608 – 12 track Porta Studio, which just demonstrates what you can achieve with limited recording equipment. I also write all of the music, lyrics and play all instruments that you hear.   Here’s the YouTube link – Lyrics: Did I ever buy you flowers oh I’ve beenRead More →

This is my Open Mic entry for week 80   You can see and hear the video here – YouTube!/v/darrenclaxton/hamwd0gr   Thanks as always to @luzcypher for this awesome brainchild of his! It really has opened so many doors for me as a musician and I’m no doubt others echo what I say. I look forward to seeing all the other great musician here this week.   INSIDE YOUR SOUL Won’t you fight to survive won’t youRead More →

Intat Lintoe “Antar Pengantin Lelaki pada mempelai perempuan” Intat linto, Sudah menjadi tradisi masyarakat Aceh dari sejak dulu, Tujuan nya selain mengantarkan pengantin laki laki ke rumah mempelai wanita, Intat linto juga dapat menjadi budaya dalam menyambung tali silaturahmi, diantara keluarga pengantin laki2 dan mempelai wanita, Antara masyarakat kampung pengantin laki laki Dengan masyarakat Menpelai wanita, semua berbaur dalam tradisi yang turun temurun ini. Sebelum Acara intat linto, Kerabat sahabat handai taulan pemuda pemudi, masyarakat,Read More →

Mengapa tarian ini dinamakan tari Saman? Tarian ini di namakan Saman karena diciptakan oleh seorang Ulama Gayo bernama Syekh Saman pada sekitar abad XIV Masehi, dari dataran tinggi Gayo. Awalnya, tarian ini hanyalah berupa permainan rakyat yang dinamakan Pok Ane. Namun, kemudian ditambahkan iringan syair-syair yang berisi puji-pujian kepada Allah SWT, serta diiringi pula oleh kombinasi tepukan-tepukan para penari. Saat itu, tari saman menjadi salah satu media dakwah.Read More →

Pencinta sepakbola diseluruh dunia kembali bisa memanjakan diri menyaksikan laga leg pertama perempat final Liga Eropa 2018 antara tim Inggris Arsenal yang akan menjamu lawan nya tim asal Rusia CSKA Moscow di Emirates Stadium London. Sedangkan laga perempat final lain di stadion Olimpico, Roma akan bertarung tim Italia Lazio yang akan menantang tim Austria Salzburg, tim Spanyol Atletico Madrid yang akan menjamu Sporting CP asal Portugal di stadion Vicente Calderon dan RB Leipzig Jerman melawanRead More →

Halo sahabat stishit selamat sore dan salam bahagia semoga Rahmat dan Karunia Allah SWT selalu di limpahkan untuk kita semua. Melihat pemandangan di pinggir jalan seperti teringat kembali masa-masa kecil yang penuh kenangan dengan tanpa beban kita menjalani semua itu. Bermain layang-layang merupakan rutinitas yang selalu kita jalani saat-saat kecil dahulu.Read More →

How to make Slow Cooker Thai Green Cashew Chicken Curry (Vegetarian Option). This recipe can serve 6, and is ready in 255 minutes. Ingredients What They Look Like 2.00 bell peppers 15.00 oz canned chickpeas 1.00 carrot 4.00 chicken breasts 0.25 cups cilantro 1.00 tsp garlic 1.00 tsp ginger root 1.00 cups green beans 5.00 kaffir lime leaves 15.00 oz light coconut milk 1.00 tablespoons lime juice 0.50 cups raw cashews 1.00 tablespoons thai redRead More →

Reflected In Your Eyes was written for my Open Mic entry this week. As ever, it was penned very quickly and improvised as I went along. After listening to again on Monday, I started to layer some other instruments, re sung the vocals and mixed it. This is always a rather speedy process as I’m a busy father of two little people, who like to burst through the door mid-vocal recording!! I then sent the roughRead More →

Faiq Bolkiah, sang fenomenal yang kini sedang berjuang untuk menembus tim inti Leicester City, salah satu klub Liga Priemer Inggris. Faiq Bolkiah adalah anak dari Jefri Bolkiah, saudara kandung Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, penguasa Kesultanan Brunei Darussalam. Artinya, Faiq merupakan keponakan dari Sultan Brunei. Faiq Bolkiah, pemuda kelahiran Los Angeles, 9 Mei 1998 kini sedang berjuang menembus tim inti. Semoga ia dapat melakukannya, demi mengharumkan nama Brunei, juga demi membuktikan bahwa ia tidak hanya terkenal berkatRead More →


Here a stand is a track from the Zoom vault. It was written a few years ago and re-recorded especially for @dsound and @steemit. It tells a tale of those petty arguments we have with our partners. I hope you like this country vibe. Lyrics Once or twice I let you back into my little life Forever more I gave you a key to let you in the door But you slammed it on your way into theRead More →

Here’s a brand new song I wrote for Steemit’s Open Mic contest this week!   I’ve decided to take things up a notch this week. The music and songs we write deserve the very best sound quality possible so for that reason alone, I’ve used my trusty old Zoom 1608 Porta-Studio to capture my guitar and vocal. I use this recorder that I bought back in 2005, for everything I create musically! My new EPRead More →

How to free online Earn you Billion Bitcoin Satoshes ?  So friends Let us start tips and tricks that how  can you online free earning money very fast or relabel  today I tell you all About method online earning free bitcoin some one Automatic making money example you say to Autopilot any how Automatic means without any works on site for example mining  sites mining sites is very benefit sites but you choice trusted paying site some siteRead More →

Hi there guys and welcome to tube machanics where I use my screncapture videos to show you the tools that …will make building and growing your channel a breezeIn todays video we are going to be looking at how to use other peoples videos on youtube without being …ponish by youtube copyright stirke.Here is a video I created and used a short video clip from one of the videos of a channel …called slow motionRead More →

Bagi sahabat stishit penggemar liga Inggris malam minggu tentunya adalah malam yang ditunggu-tunggu untuk bisa menikmati seru nya pertandingan tim-tim terbaik di salah satu liga terbaik di Eropa musim 2017-2018. Malam ini sambil bersantai dan menikmati secangkir sanger yok kita nonton seru nya pertandingan liga Inggris pekan 32 Crystal Palace melawan Liverpool di kandang Crystal Palace, Selhurst Park.Read More →

Hi Music Fans! The digital age has been truly revolutionary, and as a musician I’ve found it to be a priceless outlet for my music. So without further adieu, MY EP is out NOW!!! You can get it exclusively on Bandcamp Here’s the track listing and links where you can read more about each song. NEVER GROW OLD Track 1 – Was It Right Track 2 – Slowed By Notes Track 3 – DragonflyRead More →

Hai….sobat SteemThat jumpa lagi dengan saya kali ini saya mencoba memberi beritakan tentang Tarian tradisional Daerah Aceh Indonesia. yang dikasih nama dengan Rapai geleng tentunya kalau anda orang Aceh ini sudah tidak ada masalah lagi pasti anda sangat familiar tentang Rapai Geleng ini.Rapai Geleng ini merupakan seni yang sangat menarik untuk disaksikan selain kecepatan dalam gerakan juga keserasian maupun kekompokan dan disesuaikan dengan irama membuat tarian ini sangat luar biasa.saat gerakan dengan penuh semangat dimainkanRead More →

how to free Earns without any works daily 5$ t0 30 $ How can you start making money without any works with sort links 3 way,s free earning for example links sharing social media or other,s and affiliate programs. first crested a Account any web site shrink a links post any wen blog. Signup today now?  More free earning to visit now this links. Tahnk you.Read More →