California Sued Over Weed Killer

California is being sued by monsanto and US farm groups for issuing cancer warnings on the glyphosate herbicide. California has added glyphosate (the main ingredient in roundup) to the list of cancer causing chemicals. This came after the IARC (WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer) ruled glyphosate a carcinogen. The IARC also warned that usage of some of monsanto’s products, including roundup, could cause Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and cancer.

These farm groups along with monsanto claim that glyphosate does not cause cancer and the warning label should be considered a violation of the First Amendment. monsanto’s vice president of global strategy, scott partridge stated ‘Such warnings would equate to compelled false speech, directly violate the First Amendment, and generate unwarranted public concern and confusion’.

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