Building a Tortoise Enclosure: The Series

This is an overview of my tortoise enclosure building series on Steemit. As usual, I’ll be adding some pictures here that didn’t make it to the final articles on Steemit. I’ll also give a bit more in-depth information.

My brother removing some hedges

Detailed future plans

I mentioned in my Steemit post that we would be adding some edible plants for the tortoises. One of the best wild edibles to add would be dandelions, they provide the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio for the turtles to be able to grow and repair their shield. I’ve found a very handy chart on a Dutch website that shows you which vegetation your tortoises can eat. Other plants we’re going to add include: watercress, plantain & sedum (stonecrops)

My shovel broke 😮

Tools breaking

It had been a long time since we did some work in the yard. Most of our tools had been sitting in the shed for a couple of years. It wasn’t too surprising that we broke something eventually.

Top view of the tortoise mansion

The Mansion

We’ve built this new house for our tortoises all by ourselves, it’s quite an upgrade from the former living arrangements. They’ll have a UV and heat-lamp in their basking area (with the plexiglass) and the other part is dug into the ground for their hibernation.


Their old house for comparison


Full view of the mansion

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I’ll make sure to give you some updates once work progresses.

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