Budgets And Finance Info

This information could change but for now will Illustrate our planned budget and allocation of funds. This page will also allow for people to monitor the blockchain accounts if they wish to look for anything nefarious. By putting everything out in the open we feel that investors looking at our platform should have even more trust for our brand and what we are building not only now but in the future. Things need to be clear and communications must exceed expectations set forth by the community.


Let’s first look again at the original white paper’s numbers:

  • See The Steemish Token On EtherScan  https://etherscan.io/address/E743b591A9fbF593Ff2214c4B3B7c9Bf1122431A
  • The Name Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Steemish
  • The Symbol Of The ERC-20 Token Is: Stish
  • The Amount Of Decimals Is: 0
  • The Amount Of Total Created Steemish: 10,100,000
  • Supply And Demand Economic Model With Advanced Utility Functions
  • No Pre-Mined Tokens
  • Hybrid Centralized and Decentralized Build (The Future of Crypto).

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Founders Fees:

  • 30 Percent Of Steemish Are Retained Why? The answer is really simple and protects participants.
  • Founders fees make up 10% of the 30% reserved. These vaulted tokens are set aside and will be issued to founders no later than August 31st, 2018 and no sooner than July 31st, 2018. We will begin releasing the founders tokens from the vault during this time. The reasoning behind having the window is so as to not flood the market with all of the tokens at once. Though I don’t believe any founder would try to crash the currency we will take precautions to protect other holders where possible. The Founders Vault Will Be Funded Now At The Time Of This Original Posting Date. Here is the EtherScan Address With The Founders Vault Of Tokens: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xff059c7bf1805d926915bddeddc39e033838b63352cebde9071e38a14e04173e you can also see it here: https://etherscan.io/token/0xe743b591a9fbf593ff2214c4b3b7c9bf1122431a?a=0x7673ba7a671e6c439222b447e32ca22b6da428c6
  • The founders fees will split equally between founders and a few early adopters who have performed massive amounts of works to make this happen. We have developed for almost one year when we release the funds. Until then they are really not in circulation.

Future Development Costs: 

  • Some have said that 5% future development costs are a bit cheap. Keep in mind we are a hybrid build with different costs structures when compared to other offering. We will be running somewhat like an electric co-op in that we are not making loads of money unless we are successful. So this gives us incentive to work hard and do great work.
  • My feelings on it over the next 4 years we need to make sure we can cover all costs. If we never have to sell these that is awesome! I believe that you should hodl that Stish like it is BitCoin. However, if we did need to cover development costs for enhancements or server fees etc, we could sell enough to cover those costs as needed at the market rates to raise the capital. Any smart business saves for a rainy day or expansion not otherwise funded. It is our emergency fund in a way also. I think we will have steady income being produced with the sale of goods and services to cover costs but we have some reserves.
  • We prefer to never sell members data for marketing purposes. We have ran limited amount of ads from time to time to help cover some operating costs and enhancements. I personally have invested over $3000 USD to date into the website and will continue to fund operations until the platform can stand on it’s on. The website has over 1000 man hours of development and counting. There is a lot invested and some websites have us valued fairly well based on traffic and users. We could monetize the website with advertising alone and do well, however none of us really like ads so we created membership packages with bundled Stish Crypto. This helps us sell some Stish Crypto plus give users some advantages when earning Stish Credits from participating in the community. We are looking to add a vest system where depending on the membership tier this determines the bonus you receive each month for holding Stish Credits. 

Marketing Costs:

  • Currently we have set aside 10% to cover marketing costs. This includes customer acquisitions, investor funding initiatives and brand awareness campaigns also. The space is getting more and more competitive by the week and traditional norms might not keep the wheels moving. Keep in mind this isn’t for the first 6 months this is over the next 4 years. So we are planning for the long term and future costs will be higher than today. The market value of Stish will determine also how much we have left over after the total budget cycle.

We would prefer to reward members rather than huge corporations! We built an affiliate platform and work one on one with members who offer services.

  • When we jump well beyond $1 USD per Stish then we obviously would not liquidate more Stish than was required to handle the marketing jobs or fund the marketing projects. In the event we do not even need to touch this it can go into an emergency fund.
  • Where will we be exactly 4 years from now? This is hard to know. Where we want to be will require massive marketing campaigns to create the added buzz to propel the currency. Market Making is not out of the question for these funds in the future also if needed. Market Makers are not some form of manipulation but rather they are a form of helping markets become more fluid. Here is a great article describing their purpose: https://www.quantumproject.org/how-market-making-works/

The Reserves Can Be Seen Here: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xf8c14971ec88fec05b1ecb7088b6adab637c808369be3e33a1220ac302a24f92


Tokenization Of Our Rewards Pool:

This section is where the real complexities of the budget and financial allocations reside. Let’s be very clear and upfront that the rewards pool funding is a very cheap way to distribute the currency to as many people as possible and also encourage the overall growth of the platform. When people have some skin in the game they tend to perform better.

As members join and start to do work by interacting with the community through comments and writing blog posts which in turn helps drive more growth, they feel empowered. We have a theory called PEE that has been tested.

This new found ability to earn some rewards points and turn those into a tradeable Crypto Tokens called Stish is very enticing. The desire to earn rewards doing things that people normally do for free on other platforms anyway is exciting. Members will often brag on other social media about how great their experience is and will write articles about the platform.

This concept of rewarding people for work is nothing new. Just the works these people are doing is for themselves not some huge corporation. Most capitalist free markets are really incentive based markets. The Micro Economy of stishit works off of some of those same principles.


When members of Stishit write articles, comments, make friends, refer new people, and more they earn rewards points we call Stish Credits. Users can exchange them for Stish Crypto Currency. The exchange rate can be adjusted as needed to curb how much Stish is being created from the rewards program. The rewards program is a fantastic way to get the word out and grow a social network. This could have been placed under marketing but we like to be transparent and describe what we are doing and why.

This will allow for some new people not very familiar with crypto currencies to earn some points and trade those points for real world blockchain based crypto currency called Stish.

By tokenizing our rewards points we in effect create a community full of eager participants wanting not only for themselves to succeed but also other members of the community. This might be the only time in all of our lives that technology has allowed for such life changing innovations and we hope that you will be a part of it all.

Help Stishit create a micro token economy.