For Blog Articles Submitted To We Are Looking For A Few Things:

A Title – All Blog Posts Must Have A Unique Descriptive Title. No Title Will Equal No Rewards.

A Blog Post Should Have Content. – There should be words that make sentences or at minimum convey a thought. The veracity of the quality of a post will not stand if there is no content. No Content Will Equal No Rewards.

A Blog Post Submitted To Must Include A Featured Image. Posts Without A Featured Image Will Be Set To Draft Without Notice Upon Discovery Of Non-Compliant Basic Blog Post Structure. No Featured Image Will Equal No Rewards. 

A Blog Post Submitted To Must Include At Least One Category And One Tag. No Category Or No Tag Or Missing Both Will Be Set To Draft Upon Discovery. No Tag or No Category Will Equal No Rewards.

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We Are Looking For Blog Posts That Add Value To The Community. Blog Posts And Articles Submitted To Might Be Moderated For The Above Reasons. Blog posts generally combines text, digital images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. We reserve the right to reward members and to remove those rewards where necessary for abuses of the platform and rewards system.

The Social Portal offers rewards for creating content also that might not meet the guidelines set out above. When in doubt publish to the Social Portal. . The social portal is great for single text or no text and pictures or posts of one paragraph or less. Often called micro blogging. Your social portal can be used for micro blogging which might include posting small pieces of digital content—which could be text, pictures, links, short videos, or other media—on the Internet. Wiki Defines Microblogging Best

For posts of more than one paragraph that could be described as an article or blog post please submit them by using the following link

Not all blog posts submitted will be accepted. Some authors might be white listed after time but will still be susceptible to removal of their SteemThat Tokens for creating content as a blog post that does not meet the above basic standards. This is not a quality content test but rather a test to see if the blog post submitted meets the definition of a blog post.

Follow This Quality Blog Post Guide to Create Excellent Articles That Will Generally Not Get Denied For Submission.

  1. Create A Unique Descriptive Title.
  2. Include A Featured Image That Is Relative To Your Article
  3. Include Tags and A Category ( If you need a new category you can use the contact us form to request one)
  4. Include content that has more than one paragraph. Words should make sense and be readable and convey a coherent message.
  5. Include Pictures and Headlines In Your Blog Posts.
  6. Use Punctuation and Spell Check In Your Posts. You Can Come Back And Edit Later If Needed.
  7. Do Not Delete Your Posts. Deleting Posts Will Penalize You And Automatically Remove Steem That Tokens From Your Account. If Your Post Is Initially Accepted And Then Later Deleted This Will Remove Steem That Tokens From Your Account. If You Create A Quality Post That Passes Our Initial Check And Then Delete All Of The Content And Try To Beat The System You Might Wake Up And Find A Negative Balance One Day. Deleting Posts Costs More Than It Rewards To Create Them To Prevent Spam, Plagarism, Scammers. Scammers You Are Not Welcome Here. Go Back To Steemit.

We would prefer we had very few to no rules. Please use commonsense and create content that is worthy the reward given. has software that checks for spam, plagiarism, scams, fake accounts, etc. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to remove Steem That Tokens or prevent the exchange for Stish tokens if the Steem That Tokens are deemed to have been earned inappropriately. Our members do the best when they report content that appears to be unworthy. This initiates a review which helps keep unwanted content off of the platform.

Members can report suspicious activities easily now and your help making the system work is important. Thank you for your continued support and may you never wake up to a banned account. You can always contact us without being logged in to request a manual review of your account. To date not one person who has been banned has requested such a review as all were caught red handed doing something wrong and they knew it.

Thank you,

Eric Binkley

Founder Of