Auto Share

Help Your Fellow Steemians Out! Thank you.

Help Me Make Sure That Every Post Here Gets At Least $1 SBD.  When we all help another member by following, commenting, resteeming and upvoting we are actually helping ourselves. The fastest way to grow on is to help each other. When you elevate your neighbor and their position gets raised and they in turn they support you then you both win! When we organize 100 or 500 or even 1000 people to this cause we all will grow faster.  If you are short on time or want to Automate This process see our post about setting up Auto Curation with Auto Steem.

How Do You Use Auto Share To Share Your Posts?

To Auto Share To You Need To Be A Member & Use The Special Tag When You Post On You can add the tag in your tags at the end of your steemit post just put… steemthatshare or steemthat as a tag. This allows you and other members to scan an easily support each other.

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