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Item Description

The Fidget Spinner is brand new and all up for the Upvote Giveaway. Just upvote or comment on this post to participate, winners are selected at random. You can also help a cause.

What do i get?

We just happen to realize the flow of economics and our empathetic minds strongly believe in ‘Give and Take’. So here we are with this new innovative program. The winner selected at random from upvotes/comments will receive a brand new Fidget Spinner along with a souvenir for helping a Cause.

Fidget Spinner

Location and Shipping

We are from India and is proud to be a part of the Steemit Community. We hope that this post will be the first to get on the #steemfleamarket-india. We have further devised method to ship internationally by using the services provided by The Indian Post.

Minimum Up-vote Amount

We have set the minimum up-vote amount at 20$. This includes the value of the product, international shipping charges, designing the souvenir and would still be enough to feed a minimum of 5 homeless people. The souvenir will contain evident photo proofs as to how the Steemit Community has helped a Cause.

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