One of the best websites in our current modern era and will go down in history as one of the brilliant ideas of this century. If I’m just half right then you should not miss your chance to seize the moment. Join the Steemit block chain social platform today. Then start the wonderful journey of blogging and social media and get paid.

Delegate Easily To Who You Want To Delegate To.

As a part of the SteemThat.com Movement We Have Your Back. From Multiple Curation Specialists That Support Our Members To The Whole Community At Large. We All Know That It Takes, Upvotes, Comments, Followers, And Re-steems To Propel A Post To The Top! But It Starts With You. It Starts With Your Brilliant Mind Organizing Words In Such A Way That People Are Compelled To Scream….Hallelujah! Write Only High Quality Posts And Find Your Niche!

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SteemThat.com is a feature rich website built around one simple thought, “Help Steemians Grow.” Making real friends that you can chat with and share ideas with is a central part of this community movement. Members can also contribute articles to SteemThat.com to help their fellow steemians out. Organizing all of the helpful content into one place is smart. Members can create and join groups, write on the walls and private message each other. We now have some games to help with writers block and relaxing your mind.  Connect with others who love Steemit.com and help each other grow!

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If it is Steemit.com related it needs to be on SteemThat.com. Helping new members overcome the learning curves associated with Steemit.com should be a central focus of the whole community. SteemThat.com provides a lot of tools all in one place to help Steemians find more time to write articles, comment, and curate. We strongly believe that more useful tools should be incorporated into SteemThat.com to help users grow and save time. If you write about great Steemit stuffs we would love for you to publish your articles on SteemThat so that we can have the largest niche of HOW TO STEEMIT posts anywhere online.

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The Steem That Dude Bot

SteemThat.com was created because there was and is a need to help new members get upvotes on their high quality posts.  Finding all of the tools that will help you on your Steemit journey is a first priority. We write articles and how to guides about many of the best most useful tools to help you be the best Steemian you can be. SteemThat.com helps organize a lot of information about steemit all into one place.

There is no doubt about Steemit.com having a learning curve and we are here to help. When you join SteemThat.com you become part of a growing movement and community. SteemThat allows members to interact with each other on their timeline feeds. Users can join groups and share Steemit ideas. Members can private message each other to discuss things in a private business like setting.  Feel free to share your Steemit.com posts on your timeline and in groups. You can even use the AutoShare Tool.

SteemThat on Steemit is a promotion bid bot that allows you to send a small amount of Steem Dollars to get an upvote from the magnificent @SteemThat promotion bot. You can also use @SteemThat to upvote a friends post. I have written several posts on steemit on exactly how to use SteemThat Promotion Bots


SteemThat.com Offers More.

Steem That is a contribution to the whole steemit community. Helping people get over the first hurdles will help improve the overall steemit universe and help new people (a.k.a minnows) grow faster and start earning more from steemit faster thus hopefully inspiring them to stick around longer. We all might be small today but think about the day when we all have stuck together and supported each other to 1.000 SBD upvotes and beyond. How great that day will be when we are 1000 strong or 10,000 Strong and we help one another grow. When you help someone else by giving them a comment and an upvote you help yourself grow. As they get stronger you get stronger when they return the favor.

More tools will be launched in the coming weeks.

We keep launching tools and more guides to tools that are an absolute necessity if you are going to try and build a solid plan of success on Steemit. Recently we solved many of the major missing functions of Steemit.com. THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Now You Can Connect Like Never Before On SteemThat.com. See The New Features:

  • Create Unique Profiles
  • Private Message Other Members
  • Create Groups or Join Others
  • Connect And Make Friends Who Also Love Steemit.com
  • Share Content, Videos, Ideas In The Community Steem That Feed.
  • Get Rewards For Things You Do On SteemThat.com And Trade Them Among Friends and Access Tools And Purchase Your Very Own Feed.


Steemit is still in beta so that is good news for you. You will get in on the ground floor! The terminology will become second nature to you after a few weeks/months and you will become a crypto currency aficionado in no time. We will continually add to our SteemThat.com website and to the steemit platform in an effort to spread awareness and make life easier for new comers.

SteemThat.com Adds More Tools For Users Of Steemit.com

Here is a very short list of some awesome tools you can now use at SteemThat.com to help you on your Steemit.com Journey. See All Of The Amazing Tools.

  1. The ultimate how to guide to using steemit upvote bots.
  2. Now that you know how to get a boost to your steemit posts this tool will help you get the most from the promotion bots. See All Of The Steemit Promotion Bots And Their Stats In One Place
  3. Want To Curate Like A Pro? We built a power curation tool to assist you. You can follow the votes of other people on steemit. Build your own list comma separated and paste it into the tool. Or just copy the upvote bots. They hit most of the great posts anyway. Curate Like A Pro. Want to set-up Auto Curation? We didn’t build the tool but we wrote an easy to follow guide to setting up AutoSteem which is an automation curation service.
  4. Another Great Way To Curate Is To Join A Group And Support Each Other By Following and Upvoting and Commenting.
  5. Are You Feeling Lazy? We All Get Tired. Check Out The Auto Share. The Fast Easy Way To Share and Support Members Of SteemThat.com
  6. Tired Of All Of The Rules Of The Steemit Chat Services and Social Media Websites? Me too. Use your SteemThat Time Line Feed and Share In The Community Feed. and share your links. We are small now but we are growing and adding new members daily. We already have completed one major upgrade and also added Giphy!
  7. Want To Send Bids To All Of The Promotion Upvote Bots On Steemit Fast? Now You Can. Send To All Steemit Post Promotion Upvote Bots Fast.
  8. Have you used direct message services that charged you a fee to send a message on Steemit.com? Never again… Members of SteemThat.com can send messages along with their 0.001 SBD with no additional fees. Not just your followers but anyone on your list. Try Sending Now.
  9. See Your Favorite Crypto Prices Live So You Never Miss A Great Trade Again…
  10. Want To Delegate Steem Power Fast? We Did Too. Check Out The Delegation Steem Power Tool.


This is just the beginning of a great journey together and a very short list of things you can do with SteemThat.com – Helping others grow helps you grow! Please Support Each Other And Be Kind!

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